Wednesday, May 23, 2007


We have a DVR attached to our TV. It comes in quite handy for recording shows. It is very easy to record as compared to the old VCR recording days. Also, we are very rarely able to sit down and watch a show at the actual time it comes on. We also love to skip commercials.

There are two shows I record everyday, Martha and Oprah. I don't necessarily watch them everyday, but I do check them out each day to see what the shows are about. If I am interested I'll watch the show or the parts that I am interested in. More times than not I watch both shows.

My favorite time to watch TV is late at night in bed. My mind is always racing at the end of the day. There is so much running thru my mind that I have a hard time falling asleep even if I am very tired. Watching TV helps free my mind so I can fall asleep.

Last night before going to sleep I watched Oprah. Her guest was Dr. Oz. He answers viewers health questions. One of the things he talked about was people having worms. He even showed a dead tape worm that must have been over 8 feet long.

I woke up several times last night hearing a low grumbling. I'm not sure if it was my stomach or maybe I was snoring. I was sure it was a bunch of worms in my body having a party. As I woke up and listened, the sound was gone. Then after another minute I would come to my senses and realize I must have been dreaming. Then I would roll over and go back to sleep.

I am quite a vivid dreamer. I have a lot of dreams about what happened in my day, especially what I am thinking about or watching before I go to sleep. Maybe tonight I will watch Martha Stewart so I can dream about baking a cake.

Sweet dreams to all.

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