Thursday, May 3, 2007

Ketchup or Milk

Our fridge is so full! It's hard enough to keep it stocked for ten people. Then comes the leftover containers. Now we add supplies from the ward dinner last Saturday. I probably should have skipped the trip to the grocery store or at least skipped the two gallons of milk. There was only room for the second gallon of milk or the ketchup. Both are quite necessary. We need the milk for drinking and putting on cereal. The kids will put ketchup on almost anything. What should I do? . . .

All ended well, kind of. As grandpa opened the fridge, the sour cream fell out and spattered all over. Later that same day, Todd opened up the fridge and out came the cheese sauce. The container broke. He consolidated the sauce into a smaller container. And . . . tada . . . room enough for both the milk and ketchup!

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