Saturday, May 19, 2007

Snow on a Warm Spring Day

It snowed at our house today, the kind of snow that lands on everything and makes the world a wonderland of white. No, it did not snow outside, but rather on the inside.

Last Saturday Thomas made a trip to Lagoon with his friend and his friend's family. He won this big, huge octopus that is filled with tiny Styrofoam balls. You know the ones I mean, the little white balls that stick to everything with static electricity.

Okay, so you are probably getting the picture already, but I will finish anyway.

For the first couple of days the octopus lay on the laundry room floor because there was a small hole in it. Some how the octopus got moved into the family room where it sat for several days until some of the kids discovered how fun it was to jump on and watch the snow spew out of the octopus and gently drift to the ground.

There is "snow" in every room of the house. Just when I finished vacuuming the family room, including the couch, chair, and dog bed, in comes Niko who has some on his head and diaper. Bear, our dog, has it all over his fur. He lays down on the family room floor. Jay gets up from the couch. He must have had some on his back because now there is more "snow" on the couch.

I haven't even tackled any other room yet and the "snow" is everywhere. I had to take a break to write this blog to help me see the comedy in the moment. Now I must return to shoveling snow.

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