Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The RC Willey Yard Sale

Twice a year RC Willey has a yard sale. It is another great place to find a bargain.

This past Saturday we purchased a new desk for our office for $135. The original retail price for the desk was $1,150. Sometimes the items are scratched or damaged so you have to check everything out carefully. Sometimes the items are returns and they are in great shape, like our desk.

On Saturday we also purchased 2 matching night stands for our bedroom.

Our most memorable RC Willey yard sale experience was a few years ago.

We were in desperate need of a new mattress for our bed. Ours was 15 years old and we were not sleeping very well.

Every time we went into RC Willey we would look at mattresses. There was this one mattress we were very fond of. We loved to lay on it, but the price was $2,400, about six times the price of our current mattress.

On Friday night before the yard sale, you can walk around the parking lot and see what they will be selling the next day.

We went Friday night. I could hardly believe my eyes. There it was, our mattress! Actually there were two of them, one king size and one queen size.

The next morning we arose early, around 3:30am, to go and stand in line for the 8 o'clock opening. We met our friends, the Aiellos, there at 4:00am with our chairs and an umbrella.

Yes, I said umbrella. It was raining. We sat in line for two hours before anyone else even showed up.

We got the King size and our friends got the queen.

What I have enjoyed more than the mattress itself is the fun memory of sitting in the rain with Todd, Mike, and Lynette at 4 o'clock in the morning and the thrill of getting a really good bargain for something we really needed and wanted.

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