Sunday, May 27, 2007


At 5:30 am this morning Todd and I were awakened by Kim standing at the bottom of our bed. "The door alarm is going off downstairs and I don't know why!"

I'm surprised it didn't wake the whole house up because it is so loud. Kim's bedroom is the closest to the door. She said she was pretty freaked out. She didn't want to go check the door in case someone was breaking in.

So . . . basically what happened was . . .

We have a small alarm on the top of the sliding glass door in the basement that goes into the backyard. It is really to let us know if our two year old goes out the door more than to know if someone is trying to get in.

The alarm is two pieces, one placed on the door frame and one on the door. When the two pieces separate by the door opening, the alarm goes off. Early this morning, one of the two pieces fell off, and the alarm went off.

Everyone got a nice shot of adrenaline.

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