Sunday, December 21, 2008

Family Picture

We were all set to take our family picture out on the front porch . . . and then the wind . . . and the snow . . . and the cold . . .

We took the picture inside.
This is the closest picture we took of everyone looking and smiling at the same time, with out any Photoshop involved.

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Christmas Spirit

What to comment . . .

The Hurricane

Heavenly grabs the end of the Costco sized plastic wrap and starts walking through the house.

Notice the smile.


Todd, Tom, and Travis put up Christmas lights on the house. It is our third Christmas here, but the first with lights. Hooray. Thank you boys.

Happy Birthday, Nick

Yes, another birthday at our house.

We enjoyed a green cake instead of pink this time.

The Haircut

Chopped my hair off. It grows so fast now that I'm not trying any more.


Another family tradition is pumpkin pie for breakfast on Thanksgiving morning.
Except for Justin, who does not like pie crust.


Uncle Larry brought these blow up boxing gloves for the kids when he came to visit for Thanksgiving. All the kids had so much fun punching each other.
And they created a little static . . .