Friday, April 10, 2009

I Lied

Today I told a lie.

The Easter Bunny left a stash of goodies in the back of our van and Jay happened to see it. "Wow! There is a lot of candy back here and drinks and Oreos and more and more candy!"

"Jay, the stuff in the back of the van doesn't belong to us. I bought it for someone who couldn't go shopping. So don't be telling your brothers and sisters that we have a lot of candy. It doesn't belong to us."

Clean Clothes

Erica was putting her clean clothes away and added a little creativity. I love the extra effort . . .

And anything that helps get the job done.

Easter Grass

I'm growing Easter grass! Sunday evening I took this basket and double lined it with a trash bag, filled it up with wet potting soil, and sprinkled wheat all over it. Yes, the wheat right from a #10 can from the cannery. And 5 days later . . .

I am so excited how it is turning out. I'm going to top it off with some dyed Easter eggs and use it as a center piece for Easter dinner. Wheat grass. Who knew?!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Salad Table

I planted two out of the three squares in my salad table today. Wish it was 70 degrees outside like yesterday, but it is a little breezy and starting to sprinkle. I planted 2 rows of each: leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce, and spinach. Yum!
I first saw a salad table in a magazine called Mary Jane's Farm. A few days later they had a segment on salad tables on The Martha Stewart Show. Here's where I got all the great information from the Maryland Cooperative Extension Office.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Todd and I went to Oahu for our 20th Anniversary.

But I've been on this computer way too long tonight.

And I think Todd and I are going to make another trip to Albertsons tonight for some more cereal.

Posting of our trip soon . . .

They Are Called


And they stick.

And then you eat them.

Almost There

Thomas receives his Life Scout.

A mom's favorite part.

Happy Birthday, Erica!

In my bloggy absence I forgot to post Erica's birthday too.

Breakfast in bed.

The Golden Snitch cake.

A phone call from big sister.
Gifts galore.

Bye Bye Birdie

Thomas was in the high school musical, Bye Bye Birdie. He played a bunch of different extra parts. It was great to watch him perform.

I'm Just Sayin'

If you ever do that thing you swear you'd never do . . . you know, that gross thing your parents did to you to get the little smudge off your face, like lick their own thumb and wipe it on your face . . .

If you ever do that to your 2 year old in a moment of desperation, be prepared that she just might try to do it back to you, over and over and over and over again as she giggles and giggles and giggles.

I'm just sayin'.

Too Many?

Can you ever have too many of these pictures? Pictures of your children sleeping? I think not.

Happy Birthday, Marie!

The traditional breakfast in bed.
No Hamburger Helper or Happy Meals for Marie. She wanted to make personal homemade pizzas.


Always happy with her gifts.

Happy Birthday, Marie. It's a very special birthday.


You're building what?! A chicken coop?!Todd knelt down on a rock. Ouch!


What any mother would love to find written on a paper towel in her kitchen . . .
It was delicious too . . . pasta with chicken and a red sauce. And even better . . . I didn't have to make it.

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Today was a breezy, warm afternoon. It was a perfect day for Marie to test out her new birthday kite.

Albertson's Sale Again

Just when we start running low, Albertson's comes through with a great sale on cereal again. This time it's all "grown up" Post cereal like Grape Nuts, Honey Bunches of Oats, Post Select Whole Grain with fruit . . . yum!
Here's the deal: Buy 5 boxes which are on sale for $2.07 each, get an automatic $2 off and a Catalina that prints for $5 off your next shopping trip (which you can immediately use on your next 5 boxes of cereal). It comes out to .67 a box! If this all sounds confusing just ask the manager at your Albertsons to explain. They are always so willing to help out. The sale ends tomorrow, Tuesday.