Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bigger Chickens

We took the chickens out on the front lawn for some fresh air yesterday. Look how big they are getting! I am amazed at how friendly they are and how they let the kids pick them up, hold them, and pet them.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Web Site

I just created my first website! Check it out!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Our little chickens are growing so fast. I am still trying to figure out how our plan for 3 or 4 chickens turned out to be 10. They said a couple of the chickens would probably die, but none yet. They also said some of them could be roosters, but we can't tell yet.

We moved them to the chicken coop of which I will post pictures of when we move it outside. Right now the coop is in the garage.

We go out, hold, and pet each one every couple of days so they are use to being around people. Even I, not an animal person, am getting use to holding them.

Happy Birthday, Marie

Happy Birthday to our April Fool's baby!

For Breakfast, she chose bacon, eggs, and toast. I added strawberries because they are her favorite.

Spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner.

Strawberry Cake.

And some presents.
The present Marie wanted most was a Gameboy Advance. We had her open all her gifts except one. The last present was small and not the right shape for a Gameboy. She was so sure she did not get one. When she opened the gift, there was a note inside that said, "April Fools! This isn't your last gift." Then we gave her a Gameboy all wrapped up.


I must have a hundred pictures of my kids sleeping. Yet, no matter how old they get, they just look so sweet when they are asleep. I can't stop myself from taking a picture.

Heavenly's Birthday Cake

"I want to make it all by myself."Sometimes letting your child do it by themselves is more important then how the cake turns out.


I bought this bowl at Ikea. Actually, I bought two of them. I bought them for the color. They are the most beautiful color of blue. I smile every time I eat cereal out of one of them. Sometimes I choose to have cereal for breakfast instead of something else just so I can use one of these blue bowls.

College Road Trip

During spring break we took Thomas and Hannah to see BYU-Idaho and BYU in Provo.

We stayed with Kim and Travis the first night and then drove to Rexburg.

During our campus tour of BYU-Idaho, Todd and I stopped to take a picture where we would "accidentally" run into each other everyday.

We love free t-shirts!

We stayed the night with Faith and Todd.

Then we were off to Utah. First we had lunch with Uncle Larry where he shared with us his pictures of Uncle Lyle over the past years.

We ran around Utah shopping at music stores, pawn shops, and Ikea, of course! Then we had a wonderful dinner with the Robbins family at James and Judith's home.

We stayed the night at Tracey and Kermit's home.

Our last stop was a BYU campus tour.

New Sign

Check out this darling new (old) sign I found at Hobby Lobby for $7.50. It is hanging above my laundry room door. I love it!
We just got a new Hobby Lobby in town and I stopped by to check it out. The store is HUGE! All of their wall signs were 50% off this week. I could have spent hours in that store.

And speaking of Laundry . . . I discovered a great new way to do laundry. I am going to try it out and if it is successful, I will post about it in a couple of weeks.

Crazy Hair

Every morning Erica wakes up with this crazy Hair.We make our own detangler spray by adding a small amount of leave-in hair conditioner to an empty spray bottle and then filling it up with water. It makes combing out hair so much easier.

Random thought coming. This reminds me . . . When I was little my dad use to mix pink fabric softener with water and rinse our hair with it.

Easter Dinner

Not traditional, but yummy none the less. We enjoyed Cajun grilled chicken, fettuccine alfredo, a yummy garden salad, and french bread. And the best part . . . we were surrounded by family and friends.

Sunday Morning

I think last Sunday morning could quite possibly be the best Sunday morning ever. Thomas sat down at the piano and sight read through the Hymn Book. It was so enjoyable and brought such a calmness to our getting ready for church.

Scripture Bag

Niko has been asking for scriptures to carry to church. We usually get the kids a set of scriptures for their 8th birthday. But since Niko is the only child under 8 right now, I thought we could come up with something for him. We bought him a hard cover Book of Mormon. I went to the cupboard with my stash of fabric in it and found an old pair of 501 jeans that I wore in high school. And this is what I came up with . . .

Another Cell Phone

I have this beautiful hook behind my bedroom door to hang my coat on. And I always use it. Almost always.
Yesterday I came home and hung my coat over the edge of the couch.

And, let's just say, I was prompted to hang my coat up. But I ignored it. And moments later my coat was accidentally knocked off the couch and stepped on. And what should be in my coat pocket? My cell phone . . .
Thank goodness you get a free new phone every 2 years with Verizon.


Just before school Erica was sitting on the bench trying to decide which shoes to wear, the brown ones or the black ones. About a half of an hour after school started, I walked past the bench and there sat one of each shoe. Oh, my! She is wearing a different shoe on each foot! Can you just hear me giggling now?!

About 11:00 am she called me on the phone because she had just noticed the shoes. I was as calm as possible on the phone. But as soon as I hung up, my giggling turned into a roar of laughter. And some day Erica will laugh with me too.