Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Sign

Check out this darling new (old) sign I found at Hobby Lobby for $7.50. It is hanging above my laundry room door. I love it!
We just got a new Hobby Lobby in town and I stopped by to check it out. The store is HUGE! All of their wall signs were 50% off this week. I could have spent hours in that store.

And speaking of Laundry . . . I discovered a great new way to do laundry. I am going to try it out and if it is successful, I will post about it in a couple of weeks.


Me said...

... have them do their own? hehehe That's the easy way out.. but probably not the most cost efficient ...

jenimur said...

Love to know what it is the never-ending, thankless job. I just want it to be disposable, is that too much to ask? The kids all know how to do it, and the get to help for sure. We have even had each kid assigned a day to do their own and that didn't work so well.