Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory is celebrating 30 years. So for tomorrow, Wednesday, July 30, National Cheesecake Day, they are featuring all slices of their delicious cheesecake for $1.50 a slice.

Here is a news release. You can also go to The Cheesecake Factory website and there is a spot about it in the upper left hand corner.

I called The Cheesecake factory in Boise to confirm the details. Yes, it is $1.50 a slice, one per person, dine in only. The lady on the phone said as long as you sit down at a table and eat at least one bite there, they will box up the rest for you to take home. If you are going to The Cheesecake Factory and wait to get a seat, you might as well stay and enjoy the cheesecake in a nice atmosphere.

Hope to see you all there!

Too Tired to Blog

Thomas' piano teacher went on vacation and needed someone to take over her early morning paper route while she was gone. We decided to swap her for piano lessons.

At 2:45 am Todd, Thomas, and I head out the door. No pictures . . . for some reason it just doesn't cross my mind at that time of day to grab the camera as we are walking out the door.

Todd is the driver, I am the navigator, and Thomas rolls, bands, or bags the papers. We each take turns tossing the papers depending on which side of the car the delivery is on.

And I am tired, tired, tired.

3 more days to go.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Home Stretch

We thought we were on the home stretch with Heavenly and Nick. Their mom was doing great and visits were going well, until . . . she went to court to be sentenced for something prior. Everyone thought the judge would see how great she had been doing and go on what the parole board had already decided. But, no. The judge only looked at her prior criminal record and decided she needed to serve her sentence, a minimum of six months. We hope she doesn't get discouraged and we hope she continues on this path to getting her life in order.

And for now, Heavenly and Nick will stay.

Fish Kiss

When Heavenly puckers up for a kiss, she sucks both cheeks in and makes a fish face. I know the picture is a little fuzzy, but who knows if I could capture this kiss a second time.

Keeping Them in Line

Now we know how Kim keeps those kids in line while she is on babysitting duty.

Angela and Ken

It was so great to see and visit with Angela (Todd's sister), Ken, and their beautiful children.

Angela makes it fun where ever she is. And wow, she looks great!

I was so impressed again with how great Ken is with the kids.

And the kids . . . how fast they grow when you don't see them for a couple of years.

I like to keep my camera handy for pictures. But I really missed the shots this time. Here are some pictures taken at the end of a long day.

Enrichment Activity

Our Relief Society just added a new enrichment activity to the roster . . . water aerobics. I went out of my comfort zone and joined a bunch of women who were as uncomfortable in their swimsuits as I was and jumped in.

And I had a great time.

Menu Board

My latest project was a menu board that hangs on the wall between the kitchen and dining area. It was an attempt to lessen the questions like "What's for lunch?" asked ten minutes after breakfast ended.

It ended up being a blessing for me. I write down the menu the night before. It helps keep me on task for each meal and work on tasks earlier in the day to make meal time easier. I also don't go crazy 3 times a day trying to decide what to throw together at the last minute.

Ironic Bruise

The Bruise was formed when the first-aid kit fell off the shelf in the closet and landed on my arm.

French Bread

Another first attempt . . . french bread. Here is where I swiped the recipe. I made it on Thursday. It was so chewy on the inside and just a little bit crisp on the outside. Yum! I think I'll make it again for Sunday dinner.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Little Bit of Lotion

In Sunday School Heavenly handed me the tube of lotion from the diaper bag. I opened it up and touched the end to show her, thinking she would follow my lead. Instead she quickly grabbed the tubed, which was pointed towards her face, with both hands and squeezed it with all her might. A stream of lotion shot from her chin, all the way up the middle of her face, across her hair, and on the chair behind her.

She joined us in the giggles as we quickly cleaned her up. Sorry, no pictures.

4th of July Pictures

Loud Baby Talk

During Sacrament Meeting on Sunday, Heavenly was being so loud. Happy, but loud. Mostly she would glance over at Todd and yell, "Dada." Finally, Todd leans close to her face and whispers, "You need to be quiet. You are too loud. If you were saying Mama it would be okay to be loud, but not Dada." She leans back, smiles, and yells, "Mama!"

And Todd and I break our reverence for just a moment as we try to contain our laughter.

Flower Beds

I can't believe I forgot to post these pictures.

My hard working husband finished the front flower beds in June. I think they turned out great and I am so glad they are done.
Now just avert your eyes from the rest of the property.

Climbing the Walls

Last year in Primary each of the kids was asked what talent they wanted to perform for the Primary Talent Show. Jay wrote down "climbing walls." We all giggled. Here he shares his talent.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Soft Pretzels

First, second, and third attempt at shaping a pretzel. All attempts were delicious!