Saturday, July 19, 2008

Menu Board

My latest project was a menu board that hangs on the wall between the kitchen and dining area. It was an attempt to lessen the questions like "What's for lunch?" asked ten minutes after breakfast ended.

It ended up being a blessing for me. I write down the menu the night before. It helps keep me on task for each meal and work on tasks earlier in the day to make meal time easier. I also don't go crazy 3 times a day trying to decide what to throw together at the last minute.


jenimur said...

The menu board is a great idea! My answer to the non-stop questions of what's for dinner is...."Food! the kind you can eat!" As I don't want to really hear "Oh, I don't like that!" It's not like I make lima beans and brussel sprouts with liver and onions!!! (Things I didn't like as a kid and still don't)

Rocky Mountain Robbins said...

Hi Penny!
You've always been filled with amazing ideas I love to copy! (Or try to!) I found you through Tracey's blog...Long time no see/chat/etc. You've always been in my thoughts though! It's fun to read up on your family's growth and events! I just can't believe how grown up your kids are! I haven't even met most of them! We live closer now...Maybe we can all get together for a big pow wow! Best Wishes! Say "hi" to Todd and the kids (who won't remember us! They were so tiny!)
Love, Linda