Monday, March 31, 2008


Months of cutting, squishing, drilling, and bending . . . and the initial frame is done.

On Sale

Cereal is on sale at Albertsons again. Buy 7 boxes for $2.00 each ($14.00). Then you get a coupon printed out for $10.00 off your next 7 boxes. So each additional 7 boxes costs only $4.00.

Todd bought 91 boxes. We are going to buy 91 more tonight.

The sale ends tomorrow, Tuesday.

Back Again

We have been so worried about Niko, fasting and praying a lot.

Today . . . he is back. Again.

And we are so happy.

And we begin to pray that he will stay.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


I think this may be one of the most rewarding projects I have ever done.

When I was little I use to sit on this stool at my grandma's house. I have many fond memories of sitting on this stool.

It has seen better days. I have been prompted several times to let it go, but just didn't want to part with the memories.

I took it apart. Look what was inside . . . before the days of foam padding.

And off I went to the fabric store during nap time. I wanted to find fabric that looked like it came from "back then." I knew this was the print the moment I saw it.
I recovered it. I am so pleased. Every time I look at it, I think of my grandma's house.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mostly Normal Day

My day was mostly normal except for a few things . . .

I ran over a bicycle at 7 am this morning that was left in the drive way as I backed my car out of the garage in the dark. Car and bike are still okay.

I had to put mascara on the top of Justin's head to cover his bald spot. Although this does seem unusual I have done it every morning this week before school. I gave Justin a short haircut last weekend assuming his hair had grown enough over the last couple of weeks since Jay pulled a large chunk of his hair out. But . . . no . . . it had not grown in enough . . . and so mascara seemed to do the trick.

We had 27 teenagers come and go at our home from 3 pm until midnight . . . a bunch of good teenage kids that feel comfortable hanging out in our home. I think it's great.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Two movies I watched in the last couple of weeks:

Pride and Prejudice. Can you believe I have never read or watched this before? Was I out to lunch the day everyone talked about Jane Austen in my youth? Loved it! Thank you to my brother, Larry, for sending the movie to me. I stayed up way too late one night because I didn't want to stop watching.

Enchanted. Very cute. Fairy tale meets the real world . . . and . . . they lived happily ever after.

Food Meme

What do you usually eat for breakfast? A protein shake or a cup of cottage cheese.

Have you ever tasted caviar? Yes. I loved it.

What is your favorite cookie? I can't think of a cookie that I don't like.

Do you prefer sweet or salty snacks? Once in a while I like salty but usually I pick sweet.

Do you drink milk or are you lactose intolerant? I love milk!

Do you like spinach? Fresh spinach, yes. Cooked spinach in a recipe, yes, but not just by itself.

Do you like liver? No, no, and no!

Do you prefer milk chocolate or dark chocolate? Milk chocolate but I wouldn't turn down any dark chocolate.

Italian, Chinese, or Mexican food? I love all food. Out of the three I would have to say Mexican would be my favorite.

Do you chew gum? Yes. I always have a pack in my purse. I use to chew at least a stick a day but now I probably only chew a couple of times a week.

And I tag everyone on my list of "Blogs I Read." Copy this post, switch my answers for yours, and post the Food Meme to your blog.

Friday, March 14, 2008

A Sign

A new sign above the headboard of our bed. Isn't it sweet?!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Heavy Backpack

As Erica was leaving for school this morning I picked up her backpack. It was so heavy! I opened it up and dumped everything out. After putting everything back in the pack that belonged there, this is what was left:
including, but not limited to, a dirty t-shirt, one large rock, 70 + small rocks (I stopped counting at 70), and the book 1776 by David McCullough in hardbound.

Happy Birthday Heavenly

Happy Birthday Erica


I love aprons! I wear one every time I cook or bake.

My favorite apron is a Christmas one that covers everything and crosses in the back with no ties. It is easy to put on and so comfortable that I often forget I have it on until I am getting ready for bed.

I feel a little silly wearing a red and green Christmas apron all year long so I decided to make another one in blue and chocolate. I bought the material several months ago (as you can recall in an earlier post). I made the chocolate binding a while back because I knew it would be tedious. A couple of months later I cut out the apron. And there it sat on my sewing counter for who knows how long because there was always another project to work on.

Today I finally stitched it together.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Hat

Thomas knitted himself a hat all in one evening.

Dear Kim

Dear Kim:

Congratulations! We are pleased to offer you admission to Brigham Young University-Idaho.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Heavenly's New Hobby

Licking the Refrigerator


A playful wrestling match between brothers (Justin and Jay) . . .

Justin's head, minus a chunk of hair.