Monday, December 31, 2007

Peanut Butter by Candlelight

Sunday evening, December 23rd, we arrived home from church and we were all changing into our pajamas when the power flicked and then went out. We pulled out the candles and flashlights and tried to figure out what to cook without using the stove . . . peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, milk, and gingersnaps for dessert. We ate by candlelight and flashlight and then sang Christmas Carols until the power came back on just over an hour later. Fun memories!

Kim put a short video on her blog if you want to check it out.

His Name Is


Overheard at our House

How much is a fifty cent piece worth?

I want a toy just like that one but different!

Christmas Day 2007

Stomach Flu . . .

Saturday, December 22, 2007

My Favorite

This just has to be my favorite Christmas decoration. We have had it for quite a few years. Everytime I pull it out of the box I just can't help but smile. But then . . . you push the snowman's hand and they start bobbing up and down while sing . . .

Haul out the holly;
Put up the tree before my spirit falls again.
Fill up the stockings,
We may be rushing things, but deck the halls again now.
Because we need a little Christmas
Right this very minute,
Candles in the window,
Carols at the spinet.
Yes, we need a little music,
Need a little laughter,
We need a little Christmas now.

Contents of a Pocket

Over the years I have found many interesting things in the pockets of my children. Here are the contents of Justin's jean pockets today.

And then . . . the contents of Jay's pocket . . . a worm that he had forgotten about.


I seem to recall a post not long ago when I felt I had a good handle on having eight children in the home. Well . . . I think nine just put me over the edge.

No, we are not just picking up children off the street. Take one look at this kid and you will know why the Department wanted him to come to our home . . .

Do you think he looks a little like some of our children?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I just can't find a spare moment in the day lately to blog. As a blogaholic I think I may be going through withdrawals. By the end of the day when I sit down at the computer I am either too tired or I can't remember what I wanted to blog about earlier in the day.

Friday, December 7, 2007

The Mall

I spent the evening yesterday at the mall with Kim and Tom. It was kind of a bizarre feeling being able to look at what I wanted to without having to keep my eye constantly on little kids. And there were no complaints when I wasn't ready to go home yet. I had a great time!

Here's a picture of Kim reenacting a scene from the
movie "Elf" where Elf has never been on an escalator before. He steps on with one foot and ends up in the splits. Sorry the picture is so blurry. Do you think I could get her to go back to the mall for a retake?!

Words of Wisdom

I am thankful for these words by Richard Carlson which reminded me once again . . .

"Don't sweat the small stuff."

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas Meme

Thanks Christy! Here is my Christmas meme.

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? For Christmas, definitely wrapping with a bow.
2. Real tree or artificial? Artificial, ever since the year with a very fresh tree that left sap everywhere. And we are not very good at remembering to water the tree.
3. When do you put up the tree? I am usually very anxious to get the tree up early like right after Thanksgiving. But not this year.
4. When do you take the tree down? Around New Year's Day.
5. Do you like eggnog? Yes, I like to sip some a couple times during the season. Todd loves it!
6. Favorite gift received as a child? Hummm . . .
7. Do you have a nativity scene? Yes. It gets rearranged several times a day by the kids.
8. Hardest person to buy for? My Dad
9. Easiest person to buy for? Younger kids
10. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? I can't think of one I received but Kim once received some coffee flavored chocolates.
11. Mail or email Christmas cards? Mail
12. Favorite Christmas Movie? One I have yet to see. I'm not much for watching a show over and over again.
13. When do you start shopping for Christmas? Beginning of December.
14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? Not that I can think of.
15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? Mike Aiello's sausage and mushroom stuffing. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.
16. Clear lights or colored on the tree? White lights on a formal tree and colored lights on a family, fun, or whimsical tree.
17. Favorite Christmas song? I love them all!
18. Travel at Christmas or stay home? Stay home. We have too many kids to travel and we don't own a vehicle big enough for all of us to fit in together.
19. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer? Yes.
20. Angel on the tree top or a star? The formal tree has an angel and the family tree has a star.
21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning? Christmas morning.
22. Most annoying thing about this time of year? Not going overboard eating all of the great holiday treats.
23. Do you decorate your tree in any specific theme? Yes. Christmas!

No, I will not tag anyone this time. But . . . it would be really great if you did the Christmas meme on your blog too. I'll be looking!

Merry Christmas!


I am having trouble getting motivated to get ready for Christmas. The only thing we have decorated is the family Christmas tree.

Last year, as my brother, Larry, reminded me I had the decorations up by Thanksgiving.

I haven't put up the rest of the decorations or worked on Christmas Cards. We have only bought 2 presents. I would love to start some holiday baking but then I would want to eat it all.

But . . . I am playing Christmas music everyday. Love it!

I guess I will put away the blogging for today and pull out a Christmas box.


Every year in December we each get a chocolate advent calendar. Nothing says celebrate like enjoying a little piece of chocolate everyday while you are waiting for Christmas.

Keeping Up

I have come to the conclusion that it is almost impossible to blog with a baby and a two year old who isn't sure yet what he can get into and what he should stay out of. I don't think I can keep up.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pet Peeve

I have never been a good journal writer. I know how it is to be on a roll and write every day for weeks and even months and then have a lapse for a year or more.

And so . . .
I don't know if this is really a fair thing to complain about. But since it is driving me crazy today, I will post.

When I first set up my blog I was disappointed that the address I wanted was already taken. It was even more discouraging when I realized the blog had been set up, posted one day, and never touched again. It was late at night when we came across the momenator idea. Kim and I thought it was kind of funny being a cross between a mom and a terminator.

I finally decided to look for a new blog address that suited us better and let's just say . . . a little more "cute." I had several really great ideas. They were all taken. But that's not the part that really bugs me. Most of those blogs had only been written in a few times and then vacated for years at a time. One hadn't been touched in over six years.

I do understand that sometimes things get put on the back burner. And I also realize that not everyone is semi-addicted to blogging like I am. But maybe they could just release there blog addresses back into the wild where caring bloggers would adopt and nurture them.

Battle of Wills

This morning the newness has worn off for little Nick. He decided to engage in a battle of wills with me. He was throwing a little tantrum this morning and I told him he needed to go sit on the red couch for 2 minutes and calm down before he could have breakfast. He is almost three and very smart. I know he knew what I was talking about. His tantrum lasted about an hour and a half. Several times I asked him if he wanted breakfast and then explained what he needed to do. Twice he even started walking towards the red couch. When he was about a foot in front of it he turned and looked at me and then turned around and went to the other side of the room and sat down on the floor. He did everything he could think of to get breakfast but I held my ground until he sat calmly on the red couch for two minutes. When he finally did it we cheered and he ate breakfast and all was back to normal, whatever normal is.

Invisible Pens

No, these are not the kind that write with invisible ink to send secret messages. These are the markers that a little two year old used to draw a picture. When he was finished all that was left were the marker caps. It has been two days and still no markers to be had or found.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Heavenly. Yes, that is her name. Her name is an adjective.

She smiles and giggles at almost every moment she is awake.

First Snow Fall

It started snowing last night. The kids were so excited. I took another picture this morning because I knew it would all be melted by the afternoon. We always have snow here each winter. It just never seems to last very long. Hopefully there will be at least one storm that the kids can play in and make a snowman.

The Recipient

Today I was the recipient of a sneeze from an eight month old baby who had a mouthful of chicken with vegetables baby food.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


You can check out pictures of our new foster kids on Kim's Blog.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Words Spoken

Words spoken by me on the way home from church yesterday:

Just for future reference, Thomas, please do not bring your handcuffs to church again.


I do believe this has been the longest I have been without blogging. There is too much to update everything so here is a brief summary.

We have two new foster children. Yes, I know. We are completely insane. Their names are Nickolas, age 2, and Heavenly, age 8 months. Pictures will soon follow.

Uncle Larry came to visit for a few days. Fun! The kids just love it when he is here.

We had a nice Thanksgiving with our family, Uncle Larry, and Tracy, Virginia, and Jeana.

No early morning Friday crazy holiday shopping this year. We slept in and bought a couple of things online instead.

Bought a couple cords of wood and Todd stacked it with the kids while I went to the store with Kim.

It is very very very cold in Idaho.

That's all I can come up with for now. I hope to get back on the blogging train again.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Miscellaneous Week

Events of the week:

2 nights of dry pack canning (and more today)

1st fire of the season in the fireplace

Cleaned and organized the costume / holiday closet

Lavell entered the MTC

Monday, November 12, 2007

Answers to 2 Truths and a Lie

I once sat in the backyard and chatted with the governor of Idaho, Butch Otter.

This is true. When he was campaigning he came to our neighbor's home and Todd and I both visited with him.

I once came in 2nd place in a poker, Texas hold 'em, tournament.

This is true. Last year at Todd's work Christmas party they had a Texas Hold'em tournament. We didn't use our own money. My prize was $30 or $40. And if you sat down today and played with me, you would have to teach me all over again.

I once climbed to the top of Mount Whitney, the highest point in the contiguous United States.

This is false. But it is true for my husband, Todd. When we lived in Nevada he went with a couple of friends all the way to the top.

Black and White Visitor

Late Saturday night, about 11:00, I was laying on the edge of my bed watching TV. The little kids were all in bed and I was waiting up for Kim to get home. I started to smell a skunk. It got so strong that I started to look around to see if a window was open. I went to the office to ask Todd if he smelled something funny. He said, "Like a skunk?" I told him I could smell it really strong in our bedroom. And he told me he had seen one outside and thought he had chased it away.

I went back in the room and laid down on the bed. All of a sudden the smell was so unbearable that I sat up to see what happened. In walks our dog and lays down on the floor.

"It's the dog! Get him out of the house!" I yelled.

Oh, yes. Our dog got in a fight with a skunk.

He was banished to the garage for the night as we sprayed odor eliminator throughout the house. The next morning Todd spent bathing Bear, 4 times. He called the dog groomer for tips. The mixture that finally seemed to work consisted of Joy dish detergent, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide.

He smells almost normal. If you get real close to him you can still smell it. He hasn't got much petting or attention the last couple of days. It might be time for another shave.

Friday, November 9, 2007

2 Truths and a Lie

I once sat in the backyard and chatted with the governor of Idaho, Butch Otter.

I once came in 2nd place in a poker, Texas hold 'em, tournament.

I once climbed to the top of Mount Whitney, the highest point in the contiguous United States.

Can you guess which is which?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Joy Ride

As I came out of parent-teacher conferences this morning at the school I called Kim to see if she was ready to be picked up. As I was approaching the car the wind caught my stack of papers and two of them went floating off into the wind. I tell Kim to hold on for a second while I race to step on and retrieve the papers.

I unlock the car from my key chain, open the door, and sit down. I notice there is two punch cards on the floor, one from
Krispy Kreme Donuts and one from Dutch Bros. Coffee. "How strange," I say to myself, "that there would be a coffee punch card in my car. That must be Kim's because she sometimes goes to Dutch Bros. for hot chocolate and smoothies." I still have Kim on the phone. I say to her, "These must be yours." As I am about to explain what I meant I reach over and put my stack of papers on the seat next to me.

There is a strange purse on the floor between the two seats. I am about to ask Kim if she left her purse in the car when I realize I have never seen that purse before in my life. "Why is this purse in my car?"

"Is this my car?" I turn around to look in the back seat and there is a car seat that I have never seen before. "I am in the wrong car!" I hurry and grab my papers off the seat and tell Kim I will have to call her back in a minute. I shut the car door and take one more look at the car. It looks just like mine. I look up at the antenna. No pink Princess Minnie Mouse head. Wrong Car!

I look down the isle and spot my van. I climb in with my heart beating a little fast. I
realize I still have the punch cards in my hand. I have to get the cards back in the other van but don't want to open the door in case the people are coming and think I am breaking into their car. I see people coming and wait to make sure they don't climb into to the identical twin van. They walk past and I quickly slip the cards into the window and walk away.

6:30 am

At 6:30 this morning I was relaxing in the hot tub with my husband watching the sun rise. What a great way to start the day.

Just Make Yourself Comfortable

After school I found Kim reading in the mud room.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Time to Relax

Looking ahead to this 4 day weekend, I decided to treat myself to some relaxation time before the kids get home. After I loaded the dishwasher and threw in one more load of laundry I went into my room and shut the door for 45 minutes. I turned on a CD and lit a candle that both remind me of being at a day spa. I then laid on my bed. It took a while for my brain to slow down and relax. I fell asleep for about 20 minutes. It felt so great! I think I am ready to tackle the world again.

In an Instant

I have had the same pair of sunglasses for a very long time, so long that I can't remember when I got them. I take very good care of them. They are usually in the car in a special holder unless I am driving or at an outside event. I am very careful to not get scratches or even fingerprints on them.

A few days ago I was getting out of the car at Walmart and realized I still had my sunglasses on. I set them gently on the seat of the car and made a mental note to remember they were there. When I came back to the car after shopping I hopped in the car. It wasn't until several minutes later that I remembered where I had left my glasses. I was sitting right on them.

They looked almost normal, just a little bent. Now every time I put them on, they just don't fit quite right. Those sunglasses that I took such great care of for so long are damaged in a short instant.

What to Blog About

It's not that I don't have time to blog. I always take a few minutes every day at the computer to check my email and read my favorite blogs. Even with all of the craziness that goes on at our house, I haven't found much to blog about lately. I hope that changes soon.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Halloween Candy Tradition

After trick or treating is over, all of the kids get to pick 5 candies out of their bucket that they really want to keep for themselves. Then everything else goes into the pot for the whole family to share.

You would think after 4 days that the candy in our pot would be much smaller than it is. It is still heaping full, even with 9 people digging into it.

To Lavell

We have enjoyed having your pumpkin on our front step. Thanks for sharing!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Before and After

I finished the bed skirt today and then finally put our bed together. Don't laugh too hard at the before picture.



Picture of the Day


Right Brain vs. Left Brain

This is so bizarre. When I first looked at it, it was turning clockwise. After I read the instructions on the left, I looked again and it was turning counter clockwise. No matter how hard I concentrated I couldn't get it to go clockwise again until I relaxed and just watched it. Then it just randomly switched back and forth. Eventually I could control which way she turned depending on which part of the body or angles I observed. Also when I really relaxed and just watched her she went clockwise. But if I calculated math problems in my head she would turn counter clockwise until I broke focus.

Are you a right brain or a left brain?

This is even more interesting if two people look at it at the same time. One may see it turn clockwise at the exact same time the other person sees it turning counter clockwise.

Monday, October 29, 2007

For Those of You Who Have Been Tagged . . .

For those of you who have been tagged for a meme, please check out the blog post below titled Another Meme, posted on October 28th. Your tag is at the bottom of the blog post.


I finally got to see the movie Hairspray.

I loved it!

I loved the music!

I smiled through almost the whole movie. And even burst out laughing once in the scene with the bed made of woopie cushions.

This is definitely a movie I want in my DVD collection.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Another Meme

Random Meme

Name the last person who made you laugh. Justin

What were you doing at 8:00?
8:00 last night? Meal Planning
8:00 this morning? Sleeping
8:00 tonight? Talking to Lynette on the phone

What were you doing thirty minutes ago? Blogging

What happened to you in 2006? Niko came to our home

What was the last thing that you said out loud? Yes, he's going to bed.

How many beverages and what kind did you have today? 12 + glasses of water

What color is your hairbrush or comb? Blue Comb

What was the last thing that you paid for? Watch Battery

Where were you last night? At home

What color is your front door? Stained Wood

Where do you keep your change? Some in my purse, some in the car, some in a quart jar in my closet

What's the weather like today? Warm fall day

What's the best ice cream flavor? I'm not a big ice cream fan but I love strawberry banana malts from arctic circle

Do you want to cut your hair? Some days yes and some days no

Do you talk a lot? No

Who is the first person on your received call list? Tracy

Do you chew on your straw? Not normally

Where's the next place you are gonna go? To bed

What was the last thing you ate? Cottage Cheese

What was the best movie you have seen in the past two weeks? Transformers

When was the last time you did the dishes? Before dinner

And I tag . . .

Copy this meme to your blog and change my answers for yours. I look forward to reading your answers.

More Justin

As I was preparing dinner tonight, Kim comes over to me and says, "Justin just asked all the kids to pray for him."

"What for?" I asked.

"To get all of his assignments done so Mom wouldn't see bad grades on his report card."


As I looked through Justin's Friday Folder from school he had done an "All About Me" project. On it he needed to complete a timeline of his life.

Let me preface his timeline by saying that out of all of our adopted children, he was the oldest, 3 years old, almost four, when he came to our home. He remembers being in other homes besides ours. The other children don't.

Here is his timeline:

1998 I was born in August.
1999 I found my brother.
2000 I was dropped off and locked up.
2001 I was kicked out the door.
2002 Me and my brother came to our last stop.
2003 We stayed there.

I had a little conversation with him to find out why he wrote what he did. I will not share the details with you all. I hope to leave that memory behind and I hope some day he too will forget.

I am so glad he came to be part of our family.

Friday, October 26, 2007


Okay, I guess I was making up for lost time. 6 blog posts in one day. That must be a new record. I have been sitting at this computer for over an hour. I really should go fix dinner. Bye for now.

Pictures of the Day

We just down loaded the pictures from the camera onto the computer. Here are some fun ones I found.

Grandma and Grandpa brought us a treasure of costumes. Here is Marie sporting 3 aprons at once.

Kim and Tom were sitting on the stairs chatting and Niko just slipped himself right in the middle.

A view from the back of our home after a rain storm.

To My Friend, Jeni Murphy

(and Steve too)

Congratulations on your new baby. She is absolutely beautiful. I am so glad you got to experience the joy of pregnancy and birth.

I hope to see you soon.

Back to Life

I have been away from the computer for a few days. I haven't even checked my email since Tuesday. I had forgotten how much work a newborn was. Although he was still sleeping quite a bit, the amount of time for changing, feeding, burping, and snuggling left me with little time to get any more than the basics done.

Once again I look forward to getting my house cleaned up and getting back to my sewing machine.

Before I start on my apron project I am going to make a bed skirt. We got some new items to make up our bed including a duvet cover, new sheets, blankets, and pillows. I couldn't find a white bed skirt that I liked (at least in my price range) so I am going to make one.

Leo is Gone

What a short time it was with such a precious little boy. I so enjoyed the feeding, burping, and even changing diapers. But most of all I enjoyed the snuggling and kissing his head and tiny little cheeks.


Evens or odds?

Being a little artsy and crafty in my past and even working in a floral shop I know that visually most things look better in odd numbers . . . 1, 3, 5, 7 . . .

But deep down inside I am an even number person.

When watching TV, I have to have the volume set on an even number.

When I buy groceries, if I buy more than one of any item, it has to be an even number of that item.

When I touch the inside of my teeth with my tongue, I always count to make sure I touch the same amount of teeth on both sides of my mouth.

OCD, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. No, I don't think I have it. I just prefer evens over odds.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

REM Sleep

I must admit that bringing a baby home from the hospital when you haven't gone through the birth is much easier.

We have been getting up several times a night to take care of the baby. I know I am sleeping enough. But without 4 straight hours of REM sleep, I feel so tired all the time.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hey, Justin!

So . . .

Jay balances a Lego box on top of his head. He turns to Justin and says, "Hey, Justin! Try and knock this box off my head!"

Justin was more than happy to comply. He swung his scriptures around at Jay's head. His aim was a little off.

And of coarse today was the primary program.

Friday, October 19, 2007

I Brought a Baby Home From the Hospital

I never thought I'd say those words again.

Isn't Leo cute? And the hair?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

We said . . .

When Niko left, Todd and I decided we would not take another child in for a while.

Yesterday, Health and Welfare called and asked us if we could take a newborn baby straight from the hospital. It would only be temporary, less than a month.

We said yes.

Fabric Store

Yes, I made it to the fabric store. Yea!
Here's what I came up with for the apron. The pattern is the same as the Christmas one I wear all year long. I love that you just pull it over your head and stick your arms through with no ties. It covers everything and has big pockets. I can hardly wait to get started.


A few days ago I saw a picture of a Greek salad. I just couldn't get it out of my head. So I made it for dinner last night with some baked salmon and goat cheese biscuits. The salad was so yummy that I had leftovers for breakfast. It was full of vegetables . . . romaine lettuce, orange, red and green peppers, olives, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Then I topped it with a bunch of feta cheese and a dressing of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Is your mouth watering yet? Mine is and I just had some. Yum, yum!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Skirt

Here's the skirt I made for Marie on Monday. Just simple denim, straight with an elastic waist, and a small slit in the back. She was so excited to wear a skirt to school.

This second picture is all blurry. My camera died and I couldn't take another to replace it.
Oh! I love to sew! I'm going to go to the fabric store again today. This time I think I'll make an apron. The one I wear all the time is a Christmas apron and I wear it all year round. I picture in my head a blue apron with chocolate brown trim. I just love those colors together! But who knows what fabric might catch my eye when I get to the fabric store.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Marie and Her Mary Janes

Marie is inseparable from her Mary Janes (shoes). She wears them everywhere she goes . . . church, school, outside to play. I've even seen her come upstairs first thing in the morning wearing her pajamas and her Mary Janes.

She wants to wear dresses to school but most of her Sunday dresses are a little too frilly and nice for school. So I decided to make her and Erica each a straight denim skirt to wear to school with a cute top, winter tights, and of coarse . . . Mary Janes.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Small Treasure

I found this card in a bottom of a box as I was dejunking my bedroom closet.
Inside Left

Inside Right

Friday, October 12, 2007

We Are Sad

How many people have cried at our house in the last 24 hours? Almost everyone. Yes, even the big tall guy. Some were little tears. Some were giant sobs. We are all very sad.

All of a sudden the judge decided to send Niko home for a trial run. We had to hurry and get all of his things together and say goodbye.

My heart aches.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I totally disregarded the manufacturer's cleaning instructions on the tag: Dry clean only. I called the dry cleaners to see how much it would cost to dry clean a king size down comforter. $42.50! I walked right over to my washing machine and popped the comforter in. Wash, dry, fluff, and a little linen spray. It turned out great!

Jay Tales

I frequently get calls from the school about my children. 9 times out of 10 the call will be about Jay.

A couple of weeks ago we got a call from the nurse saying they had been looking all over the school for Jay and they found him in the outside bathroom as far away from his classroom as possible trying to poop where no one could hear him.

A couple of days ago the nurse called to tell me that Jay came in saying he burnt the wart on his finger with a magnifying glass in the sun. He had the wart frozen off at the doctors office a week ago so it was already looking bad.

Yesterday Jay was sobbing down the hallway at school because he lost his pet spider. When he got home from school I talked to him about it. He had caught a spider at school and put it in a glass jar and left it outside. The spider had run away. He was so sad. After it ran away he put a note on the bottle that said 'friends forever.'

There is never a dull moment with Jay.


There are several clothing items that I hate shopping for (for myself). Swimsuits, bras, and jeans. Although the first two are definitely higher on the scale, jeans seems to be climbing the ladder.

When I buy jeans I "get" to see in actual print what size I wear. And then I have to admit that I have to buy petite length. That means short to all you men. I have always thought of myself as average height. Yes, I know I am on the low side of average. But when I have to buy jeans that tell me I short, it's almost too much.

Fleeting Baby Years

Children grow up so fast. Toddlers begin being independent so quickly. They want to feed themselves, dress themselves, and sit in a big chair. For me those baby years are fleeting. But today I had one more glance. As Niko pulled me over to the table by the hand telling me, "Help, Mom!" He sat on my lap and wanted me to feed him his cereal. And I did. Although I had a bunch of things to do, I just sat there and soaked in every minute of it, in case I didn't ever have a moment like that again.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

72 Hour Kits

Today we worked on the food portion of our 72 hour kits.

First we organized the food by days and which meal/snack it was and placed them into Ziploc bags.

Then we put each individual days food into larger Ziploc bags.

And lastly, Todd put them into our backpacks which hang in the food storage room.

We still have a way to go to get our packs ready, but it sure does feel good to get started.

Japanese Food and Thomas

Lately I have been trying some Japanese recipes, along with my sidekick, Thomas.

A couple of weeks ago we made onigiri, Japanese rice balls. They are basically about a half a cup of rice formed into a ball or triangle with a center of tuna, salmon, pickled plum, etc. They have a strip of nori (seaweed) around the outside. Yummy! Thomas and I both loved them. Everyone else picked the seaweed off the outside and then loved them.

A couple of days ago we made a dish that I have no idea what it is called. We first tried it at our dinner group. In a baking dish I spread a layer of rice. Then added a layer of chopped crab (imitation) mixed with mayonnaise. To eat it you scoop up a little and place it in a square of nori and enjoy. Yummy too! Thomas and I enjoyed it together.

Today Thomas and I flash boiled some bok choy and then topped it with a little oyster sauce. It was so good!!!

It is really great having a son who enjoys trying new and different food with me. Thank you, Thomas!

What Did You Wear to Church?

Oh, yeah! We totally listened to the first part of General Conference this morning in the hot tub! I know we all joke about "attending" church in our jeans or pajamas on General Conference weekend, but I think this may be the first time I actually "attended" in my swimsuit. Hee, hee, hee!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Cell Phones

We try to give our children many opportunities and some modern conveniences without spoiling them too much. Sometimes there is a fine line.

Kim did not get a cell phone until she was sixteen. It seemed like a logical choice since she is involved in many extra curricular activities and is spending more time with friends. We really value being able to get a hold of her when we need to.

Somehow Thomas has convinced us that he also needs a cell phone now that he is in high school. Seeing the convenience from Kim, we caved.

So as I sat down at the computer to check my email, my cell phone rings. I am sure it is Kim calling because she is not at home. But . . . no . . . it is Thomas calling me to ask a simple question. He was downstairs!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Problem

From the other room I hear Todd say, "I think I have a problem."

I glance over my shoulder to see what is going on. "Wait right there! I'll help you," I say as I grab the camera.

Come Anytime!

I awoke this morning to see my husband grinning from ear to ear as he put on his freshly ironed shirt. No, I did not iron it for him. Ironing is something I just don't do very often.

I am the proud recipient of a laundry room full of nicely folded clothes and a rack of hanging, freshly ironed shirts.

Thank you, Mom. You are welcome at our house anytime (even when I'm not behind on my laundry).

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Jay's Baptism

Jay got baptized this afternoon. I am always amazed at how strong I have felt the spirit as each of my children entered the waters of baptism. What an amazing day!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Again, I'm Just Sayin'

If you are at home and there just happens to be a sudden down pour of rain, you just might want to check and see if all of the windows in the house are shut. You might want to especially check the laundry room window because all of your sorted clean clothes in front of the window might get soaked.

I'm just sayin'.

I'm Just Sayin'

Well . . . let's just say that you decide to plant something new in your garden this year . . . for instance, peanuts. If you dig some out of the garden for the first time, rinse them off, and pop one open to taste . . . you might want to do a quick reference check on the Internet to find out if they might contain a mild toxin fresh from the ground BEFORE you pop one into your mouth to sample it.

I'm just sayin'.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fashion Show

My darling daughter, Kim, put on a fashion show of modest dresses before Homecoming. She did an amazing job! Here is a look at the show. Notice the hostess gets two escorts.

Monday, September 24, 2007


Everybody has their moments.

I try to be as positive as possible most of the time or I might go insane with all of the craziness that goes on around here.

I definitely had a moment. In the middle of the night Justin and Jay were wide awake and playing, so loud that I heard them clear upstairs. I started to panic and remember how hard it was when they first came to live with us.

They really are such great kids, but those first years were such a trial. I don't ever want to go through it again.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Luxury I Don't Want to Live Without

How amazing is this . . . not one little child came to wake us up until 9:30 am this morning! Except for the half hour I was awake (6:30 - 7:00 am) to take Kim to Color guard practice, I slept in . . . Todd too. It was a miracle!

As I lied there in bed with the top sheet tucked under my chin, I thought about the wonderful sheets on our bed.

Until a couple of years ago I had no idea that sheets came in a higher thread count than 120. I don't think growing up my Dad had (or still does) have any idea either. As a newlywed we just bought the cheapest Walmart sheets available.

I began to hear about higher thread count sheets on all those home shows I would watch on TV. I wondered what all the hoopla was about.

Then . . . a couple of years ago when I went to Walmart to buy some new sheets. There was a set of 300 count sheets on sale for about the same price as the 120 count set. We bought them.

There is no turning back! They are so soft and smooth. I had no idea. I can only imagine what 400 . . . 500 . . . 600 . . . thread count sheets might feel like . . .

Every night as I climb into bed I pull the sheet right up under my chin because it feels so good next to my face. I think that higher thread count sheets are one luxury item I don't ever want to live without again.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Story

I wasn't planning on writing this story because I am not too sure what you all might think. But . . . my children said I HAD TO post this.

Sunday morning Niko was in the bath. When he was done I started to drain the water and left the room to get a towel. As I am coming back towards the bathroom Niko starts yelling . . . "Mom! Cup!"

I yell back at him, "I'm coming!"

He holds up a toy tea pot which is one of the bathtub toys. And again, "Mom! Cup!"

"Just put it in the bathtub, Niko."

"No, Mom! Cup!"

"You need to leave it in the bathtub with all of the other toys."

"No, Mom! Cup!

"Okay, I'll take the cup."

He gleefully hands the tea pot to me, filled with yellow liquid.

And there you have it! A potty story on my blog just to satisfy my children who rolled in laughter when they heard the story.

Who is Going to Court?


For the fourth time in four years I have received an Official Jury Summons. How crazy is that?

After sitting in the court room last year for a brief hour I was actually wanting to experience the whole jury thing but I was 22 out of 24 people brought in when they only needed twelve. I didn't even get close.

Any how . . . how does a mother of seven continue to get called in year after year when others, like Todd have never received the honor?

Monday, September 17, 2007


Do you think a little three year old singing at the top of his lungs with a smile and a joyful heart during the sacrament hymn is being irreverent?

I don't.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

It Died

Our iron died yesterday when I was only half way thru ironing a shirt. We have no spare. I hope no one needs anything ironed for Church today.

Speaking of Justin . . .

Last night Justin opened the fridge and out fell a 1/2 gallon of Kool-aid from 4 feet up straight to the floor, no lid on, of coarse. As he freaked out, I glanced over to see what had happened and there was Justin standing, covered, drenched and dripping, head to toe in red Kool-aid. There was also red Kool-aid spread from the arched kitchen entry to the table on the opposite side of the room. And let us not forget about all the splashes covering the inside of the refrigerator.

I was cleaning Saturday night. What were you doing?

Post Script: It was not Justin who put the Kool-aid away after dinner. I shall let that person remain anonymous.

And It Was Released Into the Wild

As I was getting the picture of my flowers from the camera I saw these pictures of Justin. He is our resident "do harm to no living thing" person, as you might recall from previous posts about eating fish, chicken, and beef.

As he was doing his homework, there was this moth flying around the light and driving us all crazy. We all wanted to swat it down but Justin volunteered to catch it and release it into the wild, which he did.

Two Dozen Roses

Todd brought me two dozen roses. He is out of town for a couple of days. Every time I see the flowers on the counter, I think about how wonderful he is. I miss him.

8 Trees and a Tumble

Friday morning I planted 8 trees, Dwarf Alberta Spruce trees, in our flowers beds in front of the house. They only grow 4-6 feet tall and 2-3 feet wide. We needed something to stay green all winter and something to add a little height to the front of the house. They are only 12-18" tall right now. The trees that were 2-3 feet tall already were 6 times the price. We will wait an extra year for growth in order to save money.

While I was planting grandpa came out to see if he could help. As he was standing on the top step, he asked to borrow the shovel to dig out a weed. He stepped backward and lost his balance, stepped onto the next step down, hit his back on the next step, and then hit his head on the bottom step.

It was all in slow motion for me. He didn't want any help up. I think he was a little embarrassed. I was worried about him most of the morning, but he seems to be doing fine, not even a bruise.

Friday, September 14, 2007

My Helper

I had every great intention of sitting down at this computer to write about my morning planting in the front yard and grandpa's tumble down the front steps but I have a little boy sitting on my lap who is trying to "help" me. I'll be back later.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Beautiful Eyes

Let me preface Jay's morning comment with a little back ground information. I've been wearing sweat pants, t-shirts, and no make-up all week long.

This morning I got up early to shower and get ready for the day to make my early visiting teaching appointments. When I walked into the kitchen at 8:15 am I was fully dressed, hair done, and make-up on. Jay was sitting at the table waiting for his breakfast, all ready for school. He looked up at me and said, "MOM, what happened to your eyes! They are so beautiful!"

Thank you, Jay. I might just take a few extra minutes to put on some make-up tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

On the Ceiling

So . . . this afternoon I laid back on the living room floor after changing a diaper and what should I see? . . . a scuff mark (like from a black soled shoe) on the ceiling. How in the world did that get there?


After several days away from the computer I am back again for the second time today.

I needed a little unwinding time after all of the homework. I'm half tempted to homeschool my kids. I think I may spend less time doing school work with them than if I had to do this crazy homework every night.

My high school kids don't seem to have hardly any homework. It's the elementary kids that have the homework piled on. We worked on homework from 4 - 9:45pm today with only a short break for dinner. I am so burned out. What are these kids doing all day (6 1/2 hours) at school that they need to come home and do hours more of work? Shouldn't they be allowed some play and relax time?

I think I might start a petition to ban homework. Will you sign?

Bits and Pieces

It seems like so much is going on that I should be blogging about. I've been away from the computer for a few days and now I feel I don't have time to catch up. Bits and pieces for now . . . more later . . .

We Have Rocks

Friday morning the rocks arrived for our front landscaping. They look great. Now just a few more plants and then rocks or bark.
There are so many pros and cons to rocks vs. beauty bark. I definitely prefer the look of the beauty bark, but it is more maintenance. It has to be freshened up every year and we also get heavy winds up on our little hill. I'm afraid it would get blown all over the yard. Todd really likes the rock. You can just blow the debris out with a blower. It is very low maintenance but will it look good?