Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Thomas

A pretty easy birthday for Thomas.

Breakfast in bed . . . well, actually in the movie room.
Cheesecake . . .
with friends . . .

and family.
And this most beautiful acoustic, electric guitar made of African zebra wood.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


We try to get to the Dairy Days Parade each year. 10 years ago there were quite a lot of people lining the streets. Wow, how it has grown! We came about an hour early to get a good spot and to have a little picnic dinner before it started. I thought that would give us plenty of time. Not even close! The streets were packed and there was hardly a spot left.
After we settled in, we enjoyed an evening of friends, fun, and free dairy products.

Pancake Feed

We use to always go to the Meridian Dairy Days Pancake Feed. Over the years as our family size increased, it became quite expensive. This year it would have cost our family $36 to eat pancakes for dinner. We decided to join the celebration at home with our own pancake feed.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Thomas and Erica left early Monday morning for a pioneer trek with the youth in our ward.


Check out my cute, pregnant daughter (and her wonderful husband).
She is Mrs. Twin Falls!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Friendly Chickens

I tried to sneak up on the chickens to take a video of how they come running whenever they see me. But by the time I was close enough to the coop, they were already at the fence waiting for me. They are so cute and sweet. Who would of thought that I, not an animal lover, would love these chickens.
End note: All of the black and brown chickens are friendly. The white ones . . . not so much. There are three white ones and we believe 2 of them may be roosters. They now have names . . . Lunch, Dinner.

Another Weird Dinner

This is another kid favorite meal. We slice hot dogs in half lengthwise and warm them up in a frying pan. Then we lightly brush each side of a corn tortilla with melted butter and warm them up in the pan. Then roll up a hot dog half in a tortilla and eat. Fast, cheap, and easy. And yummy!

Favorite Shirt

Justin had a favorite t-shirt. He wore it for years. I finally told him it was too small and he needed to part ways with it. He wanted to take a picture of it so he could always remember it.

I totally get it. Over the years I have tried to cut down on the clutter. Yet there are things that are harder to part with than others. I have been known to take a few pictures myself, just to remember stuff.

Talent Show

Erica is the purple monster dancing in the middle school talent show. She also did a "Minute to Win It" segment where she had to dip her nose in Vaseline and then cotton balls.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Band Concert

Thomas played the tuba in the concert band and he played the upright bass and the bass guitar in the Jazz band.

Dress Up

No, this is not a procrastinated Halloween post . . . just an impromptu dress up in May.

Father and Sons Campout

Lost Bag

Found . . . a long forgotten bag of potatoes in the pantry.


One of Jay's talents . . . climbing the walls.

Treat Plates

I made these cute little treat/cake plates from some thrift store finds. I want to have a celebration just so I can use them. I learned to make them here, at one of my favorite blogs, Your Homebased Mom.

Front Yard Visitors

Prom 2010

Getting Ready . . .

Taking Pictures . . .

(Thanks Celeste and Karin for taking the wonderful pictures!)