Monday, October 26, 2009


Last week I had a conversation in the car with Nick. He wanted to know why we don't go eat at restaurants very often. I talked to him about saving our money for other things and making food that was just as yummy at home. I asked him what kind of food he would like to make at home that is like a restaurant. He wanted to make pizza because it was Heavenly's favorite food. So . . . home we went and made homemade pizza. I should have taken a picture of the end result but here is Todd helping to flatten out the dough.

Birthday Card

After my morning bargain shopping, I found this fun birthday card in my mailbox from my brother. The timing couldn't have been more perfect.

Just because it's on sale,

doesn't mean you should buy it!

Monday Mornings

Every Monday morning I head out the door to bargain shop. I usually go to Walgreens, Rite Aid, and then Albertsons if they don't have a big sale. As I arrived back home today I was feeling like I didn't get very many bargains. But as I laid them out on the counter, I was quite surprised at how much I actually got.
No cash out of my pocket for these items!

At Albertsons I also got a few boxes of bagel bites for free, 8 containers of Yoplait yogurt for $1, and several packages of Tillamook cheese, 2 lbs, for $2.99 each.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Two Different

These two children are growing up in the same home. They are even related by blood. Yet it is obvious that children are just born with different personalities.

I gave both boys a haircut Saturday afternoon. Here are the conversations I had with each them following their own haircut.

Justin: (Doesn't say a word. He just gets up from the chair, turns around, and stares at me.)
Me: You need to go take a shower now.
Justin: That's why I hate haircuts, cause I always have to take a shower!
Me: (thinking in my head . . . don't you have to take a shower today even if you didn't get a haircut?)
Justin: (Muttering under his breath as he takes his towel downstairs.)
3 minutes later . . . Justin comes upstairs.
Me: Did you take a shower?
Justin: Yes.
Me: Did you use shampoo?
Justin: I'm clean.
Me: Did you use shampoo?

Justin: No.
Me: Did you use soap?

Justin: I let the water run all over me really good.
Me: Did you use soap?

Justin: No.
Me: Did you put clean underwear on?

Justin: I just put these on today.
Me: The underwear or the shorts?

Justin: The shorts.

Okay . . . I'm tired of typing. There is more to this conversation, but you get the idea.

Here is my conversation with Jay:

Jay: Thanks for the haircut mom! I really needed one! Should I go take a shower now?

Monday, October 12, 2009


Although I love to hear Thomas practice his music . . . not all of his instruments are as easy to listen to in the house.

They're Back

Nick and Heavenly are back.
Sorry, there is no picture of Nick. This is the only new picture I could find at this time of the night.

The Wedding

Kimberly and Travis got sealed in the Rexburg Temple at the end of August. What an amazing experience it was to see our daughter kneel across the alter to a worthy priesthood holder.

First Formal

Tom went to his first formal dance, Homecoming, with Hannah.
It was quite a different perspective with a son going then with a daughter. I got to make a corsage instead of a boutineer. We didn't have to start on his hair an hour early. Kim would share 15 minutes of details about the evening. This is what I got from Tom at the end of the evening, "I had a good time. The food was good, mom. Thanks."
Dinner was in our front room by the fire.
My handsome son.


We thought we had 2 girl cats . . . but we didn't.

We had one girl cat and one boy cat. And then we had . . .
This is actually the second batch of kittens, first three, then six. And now our cat, Mary, has made a trip to the vet.
Aren't they cute? They have all been given away but one, a cute tan little boy ready to go home with you today.