Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A New Hair Style

Justin decide to help Marie style her hair with only a comb and some hairspray, a half of a can of hairspray.

No, there is no picture. Because I didn't discover the makeover until I was trying to fix Marie's hair just before school started. I couldn't even get the comb through her hair. So as we should have all been hoping into the car to leave, Marie was bent over the edge of my bathtub getting her hair washed.

Rice and Beans

Here is another family favorite recipe that is fast, cheap, and easy. We got the recipe from Todd's brother, Tracy, who learned to cook this on his mission in Puerto Rico.
Rice and Beans:

To each cup of uncooked rice (and 2 cups water), add 1 packet of Sazon Goya and 1 heaping tablespoon of Goya Sofrito. Cook rice as usual.

To each can of pinto beans (undrained), add 1 packet of Sazon Goya and 1 heaping tablespoon of Goya Sofrito. Heat.

Top the rice with the beans (and juice) and shredded cheese. Yum!!

For our big family, we usually fix 3 cans of beans and 3 cups of uncooked rice. Sometimes the seasoning is hard to find. Recently I found both at an Asian market.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Todd's Dream

Today was the first day church started at 8:00 am instead of 3:00 pm. We have a very large ward and are not able to use the Cultural Hall as an overflow while the gym floor is being replaced.

Todd was very insistent that we leave for church early, at 7:15 am, even though our church building is less than 5 minutes away.

When we arrived at church early enough to sit in our favorite row, Todd thanked me for coming early and told me about his dream . . .

I remember that I was trying to find a seat. All the seats in the front had a few people, books, etc. Everything was taken. Then I saw it . . . the padded seats in front of the coat rack in at the back of the chapel with just enough room for the 11 of us. I got it and then I had to keep telling people I already had it reserved and everyone wanted it so they could get in too. Then the seats were changing to split as the coat rack moved. Oh, what a dilemma. Good thing I woke up.

Valentine's Day 2009

Pink Heart Pancakes for Breakfast.Valentines on a budget . . .

Super soft teddy bears that I bought at Shopko for $1.24 each and made bandannas embroidered with each child's nick name.
A treasure box I bought for $2.40 and painted to look old for my Valentine, Todd, filled with his favorite candy, mini Reese's, shaped liked hearts.
A printed Valentine word search for the kids school friends.
A couple of unplanned run-ins.
A sit in the hot tub with the family.

And a date with my Valentine, dinner with old friends.

Toxic Waste

Thank you Uncle Larry for sending the Toxic Waste. We have so enjoyed the super sour candy! And I have enjoyed the faces . . .
And they keep coming back for more.

Nick Update

As we suspected, Nick will be returning to Primary Children's Hospital in March for another surgery. Although the flow of blood is significantly less, his PDA did not close and is still passing a lot of blood back to his lungs.

A Fair Trade

Last Sunday, after Nick and Niko got out of the bath, I dried them off, helped them get their underwear on, and sent them on their way. They ran around in their underwear for almost an hour. When I finally got a chance to help them get their church clothes on, I noticed they had switched underwear with each other.

I asked, "Do you have each other's underwear on?"
Nick: "Yah! We traded!"
Niko: "Yah! We wanted to trade!"

Oh, to be 4 years old again. When you want to make a trade, you just do it, because he's your best buddy and you want to. It doesn't even matter if it's . . . underwear . . . that you have already worn . . .

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


As Justin was eating a piece of chocolate cake: I accidentally got chocolate in my ear.


I have gotten behind on this blogging thing, of which I really love to do. I hope to write more often and return to my regular posting.

Nick's Surgery

Todd took Nick to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City a couple of weeks ago for heart surgery. His PDA, which usually closes within 72 hours of birth, never closed. His oxygen rich blood that was suppose to be pumping through his body was headed back towards his lungs.
They implanted his PDA with a device to block the flow of blood. They made a small incision by his groin and traveled up to his heart through his artery. And he was home in his own bed by 10:30 the same night. Isn't modern technology amazing.
We are going in this morning to see if all went well.