Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A New Hair Style

Justin decide to help Marie style her hair with only a comb and some hairspray, a half of a can of hairspray.

No, there is no picture. Because I didn't discover the makeover until I was trying to fix Marie's hair just before school started. I couldn't even get the comb through her hair. So as we should have all been hoping into the car to leave, Marie was bent over the edge of my bathtub getting her hair washed.

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Karin said...

At least the new hair style didn't involve scissors (and piggy tails, as was the case with me and my older brother...)!!! Love that you blogged it, even w/o pix:)
I also liked Todd's dream (nightmare?) about arriving on time for church. Were you guys SERIOUSLY all there and ready by 7:15?! THAT is impressive. I wanted us there 15 minutes early and was grateful we made it 5. -but was really surprised to see all the empty rows. I say you guys can sleep in an extra 30 minutes next week:)