Sunday, October 28, 2007


As I looked through Justin's Friday Folder from school he had done an "All About Me" project. On it he needed to complete a timeline of his life.

Let me preface his timeline by saying that out of all of our adopted children, he was the oldest, 3 years old, almost four, when he came to our home. He remembers being in other homes besides ours. The other children don't.

Here is his timeline:

1998 I was born in August.
1999 I found my brother.
2000 I was dropped off and locked up.
2001 I was kicked out the door.
2002 Me and my brother came to our last stop.
2003 We stayed there.

I had a little conversation with him to find out why he wrote what he did. I will not share the details with you all. I hope to leave that memory behind and I hope some day he too will forget.

I am so glad he came to be part of our family.

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