Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Joy Ride

As I came out of parent-teacher conferences this morning at the school I called Kim to see if she was ready to be picked up. As I was approaching the car the wind caught my stack of papers and two of them went floating off into the wind. I tell Kim to hold on for a second while I race to step on and retrieve the papers.

I unlock the car from my key chain, open the door, and sit down. I notice there is two punch cards on the floor, one from
Krispy Kreme Donuts and one from Dutch Bros. Coffee. "How strange," I say to myself, "that there would be a coffee punch card in my car. That must be Kim's because she sometimes goes to Dutch Bros. for hot chocolate and smoothies." I still have Kim on the phone. I say to her, "These must be yours." As I am about to explain what I meant I reach over and put my stack of papers on the seat next to me.

There is a strange purse on the floor between the two seats. I am about to ask Kim if she left her purse in the car when I realize I have never seen that purse before in my life. "Why is this purse in my car?"

"Is this my car?" I turn around to look in the back seat and there is a car seat that I have never seen before. "I am in the wrong car!" I hurry and grab my papers off the seat and tell Kim I will have to call her back in a minute. I shut the car door and take one more look at the car. It looks just like mine. I look up at the antenna. No pink Princess Minnie Mouse head. Wrong Car!

I look down the isle and spot my van. I climb in with my heart beating a little fast. I
realize I still have the punch cards in my hand. I have to get the cards back in the other van but don't want to open the door in case the people are coming and think I am breaking into their car. I see people coming and wait to make sure they don't climb into to the identical twin van. They walk past and I quickly slip the cards into the window and walk away.

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Larry said...

I'll just bet you had the scare of your life!