Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Story

I wasn't planning on writing this story because I am not too sure what you all might think. But . . . my children said I HAD TO post this.

Sunday morning Niko was in the bath. When he was done I started to drain the water and left the room to get a towel. As I am coming back towards the bathroom Niko starts yelling . . . "Mom! Cup!"

I yell back at him, "I'm coming!"

He holds up a toy tea pot which is one of the bathtub toys. And again, "Mom! Cup!"

"Just put it in the bathtub, Niko."

"No, Mom! Cup!"

"You need to leave it in the bathtub with all of the other toys."

"No, Mom! Cup!

"Okay, I'll take the cup."

He gleefully hands the tea pot to me, filled with yellow liquid.

And there you have it! A potty story on my blog just to satisfy my children who rolled in laughter when they heard the story.

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