Saturday, September 1, 2007

Jay's Appendectomy

Sunday Night Jay complained about having pains in his bottom right abdomen. When he went to bed he said it hurt all over. He didn't come to us at all that night so we thought he must be feeling better. The next morning all of the kids were up early for the first day of school. I think that Jay was so excited he only complained about the pain a little. He still wanted to go to school. It was an early release day. When I picked the kids up, Jay was moaning and bent over in pain. I had him lay on the couch and show me where it hurt. I pushed all around his stomach and when i got to the spot where his appendix was he screamed and about jumped through the roof. I called the doctor right away and they told us to come in. Jay screamed and almost hit the ceiling again when the doctor touched his stomach. He had Jay do a urine and a blood test and then sent him immediately over to the hospital to do a CT scan of his abdomen. Our doctor, the radiologist and the surgeon all thought it was best to take out his appendix. After all of the waiting and testing and prepping, it was midnight when he finally went into surgery.

Modern medicine is amazing. By 1:00pm the next day he was sent home to rest. He had to stay home from school all week including his birthday. He has been such a great sport about everything . . . a model patient.

I think the hardest part for him will be not running or being able to participate in PE for three weeks.

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