Wednesday, April 14, 2010

College Road Trip

During spring break we took Thomas and Hannah to see BYU-Idaho and BYU in Provo.

We stayed with Kim and Travis the first night and then drove to Rexburg.

During our campus tour of BYU-Idaho, Todd and I stopped to take a picture where we would "accidentally" run into each other everyday.

We love free t-shirts!

We stayed the night with Faith and Todd.

Then we were off to Utah. First we had lunch with Uncle Larry where he shared with us his pictures of Uncle Lyle over the past years.

We ran around Utah shopping at music stores, pawn shops, and Ikea, of course! Then we had a wonderful dinner with the Robbins family at James and Judith's home.

We stayed the night at Tracey and Kermit's home.

Our last stop was a BYU campus tour.


Me said...

Fun! Is that where they're for sure going?! Isn't Jeana going there too?? hmmm.

LDS Mom said...

I wish they would go to BYU-Idaho, but I have to admit, BYU was pretty great too. And that's where they want to go. They just have to get accepted now.