Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Pile of Dirt

We live here in this big, beautiful home. We have truly felt like this is where we need to be. It really is great that being in the right place is such a nice place to be.

I lived for a quite a few years in the house where my dad grew up. There were six children in his family. The house was quite small, but had all of the basics. Many of the rooms were add ons that my grandfather built. There was a fruit orchard and always a large garden.

For most people the world of home ownership has changed over the last half century. Homes are bigger. You can buy grass already grown and just lay it in your yard. Most of the fruits and vegetables come from the grocery store. Yes, there are many more things I could list.

So, yesterday as they are delivering three truckloads of top soil to our front yard, I wondered what my grandmother would think of us paying good money for a big pile of dirt.

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