Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I took several pictures yesterday so I could share some of our Memorial Day with you all. One was of Thomas being hogged tied so he could practice escaping. I thought it might not be a good idea to publish a picture of my son tied up. Another picture was of Kim asleep on my bed after being tired from work. I didn't think she would appreciate another embarrassing picture of her posted on my blog. The last set of pictures was of the family in the hot tub. I took three pictures. The first one shows a nice picture of someone's backside. The other two pictures . . . well let's just say . . . it is next to impossible to get a picture of a family this size where everyone is looking a the camera, let alone smiling.

So I looked through my old photo album and found this picture of me as a baby. My brother Larry is holding me. Aren't I cute?!

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Larry said...

I look as though I've never held a baby before. Almost as though I am holding a porcupine or something!