Saturday, May 26, 2007

Changed the Settings

Well, I know that there must be people reading my blog because I see the counter go up everyday. I'm just curious as to who is actually reading it.

I had my settings set wrong before. Only registered users could leave a comment. I've changed the settings now, so anyone can leave a comment, even if you are not a registered user.

So I ask . . . if you are reading this blog entry please leave your name in the comment section so I can satisfy my curiosity. And please feel free to leave comments anytime, any day.

Thanks for reading!


Lyle said...

Hi Penny, this is your brother Lyle. I got the info for this blog from Larry. I love the picture of the mustang, with you 2 in it, i use to drive that car to school, to bad we had to leave it behind when we moved. I hope that you, Todd,Dad and all the kids are doing fine.
Take Care......Lyle

LDS Mom said...

Well, that experiment didn't work.

Anonymous said...

Julianna has been reading all your blogs for a while. My favorite so far is of Kim and the "KISS".