Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Life Is Too Short To Be Offended

If I come back and read this post in a day or two and it sounds like a rant, I will probably delete it.

Let me preface my comments by letting you all know that this reference is not about any of you who read my blog. Nor am I the offended or the offender.

Life is too short to be offended.

Someone I care about unintentionally offended a friend. It has really affected their friendship. She is sad. The person who was offended was someone I have been very impressed with from the moment I met her. She is polite, fun, and caring. Yet now she shows a different side that makes me sad too. She seems to have lost some of the very qualities that seemed to make her such a great individual. I hope she soon remembers who she wants to be.

So here are my words of wisdom for the day.

Talk it out, even if it is difficult. The friendship/relationship is worth it.

Say you are sorry like it is your fault, even if it isn't.

And . . . for the third time . . . Life is too short to be offended.

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