Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What can I find in the laundry?

Ever since the time I didn't catch the package of kool-aid left in a pair of pants before tossing them into the washer, I have been very careful about checking pockets.

This week doing laundry I have pulled from my children's pockets:

plastic fork
ziploc bag
ponytail holder
bobby pin
$5 bill (which I kept)
bionicle piece
plastic lizard
m&m wrapper

The $5 bill was a bonus. Usually I only get loose change. I use to get quite a bit of change each week until the kids realized that I keep whatever I find in the laundry. Now I usually only get a penny or two, once in a while a quarter.

PS (added 5/31) Also found in laundry:

half of a popsicle stick
used band-aid

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