Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The "Puffy" Dress

I spent most of yesterday sewing. I usually only sew when the kids are gone or asleep. It is quite a trick to keep two little kids occupied and distracted when they are usually my shadow. I took several breaks to load the dishwasher and the washing machine, feed kids, and be a taxi service. There was also the time I had to stop to wash chocolate cookies off of Niko from head to toe. The cookies were another distraction for him and Marie while I was sewing.

My project is Kim's Prom dress. The dress is beautiful. It is purple (kind of) with silver embroidery and rhinestones all over the bodice (top). It also has this beautiful tie all the way down here back that laces up like a corset.

The part that I am working on is the skirt. It is the same purple satin as the bodice with organza over the top of it. The skirt "was" an A line skirt. We decided it needed to be more puffy, but not too puffy.

I was pretty lucky to find the exact match of satin and organza at the fabric store, and on sale too.

Yesterday I sewed the lining and six tiers of "puff" to the lining. I also finished the top organza layer, complete with french seams.

Today I will work on the satin layer, put all the layers together, and then add a zipper and the waistband. I just have to find time between a meeting at the school, Niko's visit, picking up kids, baseball, and scouts. Oh, yea . . . I guess I should probably feed my family and do some laundry too.

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