Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Weekend Full of Guests

We had a few extra people at our house this weekend, some youth and a bishop from Bend, Oregon and also Kim had a bunch of friends over. I enjoy Kim having her friends over often. I'm glad they feel comfortable enough to come here too whenever they need a place to hang out. Yesterday, one of them made a cookie for us that said "Thanx" for letting them always "raid" our home. Thanks for the cookie. It was yummy and is almost gone already. There was a little bit more cookies on it, but some of them got eaten before I thought of taking the picture.

Yesterday we walked around and in our old house. The new owner has been fixing it up with new windows, paint, etc. It looks really great. It was kind of a strange feeling walking through it. After being in this big house, all the rooms that seemed so big at the old house didn't seem so big any more. I think the biggest thing is the ceiling height. The old house had ceilings that were 7 1/2 feet upstairs and even less downstairs. Todd even hit his head a couple of times going into some low doorways in the basement. So we over compensated ceiling height in this new house . . . 10 feet upstairs and almost 9 feet in the basement. No more head bumps.

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