Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Vacuums, Bugs, and Fish

Still no vacuum. Niko had speech therapy this morning and the carpet was still messy so Jay played the human vacuum. He went around with a little cup picking up all the little pieces of fuzz and stuff all over the carpet. He did a great job. Thanks Jay!

Yesterday as I was taking Kim to work I noticed there were quite a few bees flying around at the end of our road. As I was driving back home with the windows down I felt something hit my throat and fall into my shirt. I was so sure it was a bee. I reached into my shirt and flipped it out onto my leg (glad that I wasn't on a busy road). I stopped in the middle of the road to throw it out the window before I got stung. Well, it wasn't a bee. I don't even know what kind of bug it was. It was bigger than a bee and it was black and red. Ewwww!

Justin's Cub Scout group went fishing yesterday. They had practiced casting a week ago and Justin could hardly wait to go fishing. Scouts was at 4:30 in the afternoon and he must have asked me ten times during the day if it was time to go or how long until it was time to go. About 4:00 he starting telling me how he was so excited to have a fish to play with and feed and take care of. Oh . . no . . .

Somehow we had failed to explain the concept of what fishing was about to Justin. So as carefully as possible I told him about the hook, catching the fish, the fish dieing from being out of the water, and the reason we go fishing: to eat.

You should have seen the sad look on his face. He couldn't believe it. For a few moments he looked as if he never would want to go fishing. Then the thought of holding the fishing rod, casting it into the water, and trying to catch a fish on the end was enough to regain his excitement. He was ready to go.

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