Friday, June 29, 2007

More Chicken

On Wednesday for Grandpa's birthday he wanted to buy fried chicken for dinner. When he went to the store they said they wouldn't have any ready for 30 minutes. Grandpa decided to buy the roasted whole chickens instead.

We started dinner. I was scooping out salads and Todd was slicing and breaking off chicken parts. I looked over at Justin who had a very long face.

Me: What's the matter Justin (I was thinking he was worried that there were not going to be enough chicken legs left for him)?

Justin: It's that thing.

Me: What thing?

Justin: Never mind.

Me: If you don't tell me, I can't help you.

Justin: It's about that thing we talked about (as he looked over at the chicken, tears now welling up in his eyes).

Me: (Now I'm catching on.) Oh, you mean about the chicken we eat is actually a real chicken?

Justin: Yah, it makes me sad.

So we had a little talk about how Heavenly Father placed chicken on the Earth for us and how it is okay for us to eat it. Thomas wanted to tell him about how he killed a chicken once but we encouraged him to save it for another time.

Grandpa, who apparently didn't catch on to what we had been talking about, decided to join in the conversation by telling Justin how they cut off the head of the chicken to kill it, how they still walk around with their heads cut off, how they pluck the feathers, burn off the stubble . . . well, you get the idea.

Todd made sure he gave Justin a piece of chicken without any bones or a resemblance of a body part. And he gladly ate seconds and thirds.

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