Thursday, June 14, 2007

More Ramblings Today

Okay, I'm back. I had to fix lunch and now Niko is taking a nap. So I haven't vacuumed yet.

Ramblings . . .

Women over the age of 65 should not wear short shorts. Yes, there is a reason that is running around in my head and you should be glad you were not there to see it. I try not to be too critical about what people wear but there are just some things that . . .

I was clipping Jay's toenails today and got hit right in the eye with one. Ouch, and more important, gross.

Yes, we got a new vacuum. The debate has been to fix the old vacuum, buy a central vacuum (because the house has already been plumbed for it), or just buy a new vacuum. It would probably cost as must to fix the old vacuum as it would to buy a new one. It would take a few more days to get a central vac installed, which we might still do. So we decided to buy a cheap vacuum to get us by. We have company coming tonight and we really needed to get the floor cleaned. It is a youth group from Oregon, 2 boys Thomas' age and their leader will be at our house and the rest of their group will be spread throughout our ward.

After the fish incidence with Justin I decided I had better make sure he knew about hamburgers and chicken. He is definitely a meat lover and would do almost anything for a hamburger. We got the sad face again. This time he almost cried. He said it made him sad but he was still going to eat hamburgers and chicken.

We put Niko to bed last night. About ten minutes later I saw him sitting with the other little kids watching TV. I always dread the day when the kids figure out how to climb out of the crib.

17 year olds can still embarrass me in the grocery store.

Today Niko had a visit with his birth mom, the first one she hasn't cancelled in a couple of weeks. I always have to take diapers and wipes when he goes. I decided it would be easier for me and more responsible for her if she had to bring them each time. I gave her a new package of each. As I dropped him off I noticed the van she was driving (borrowed from her uncle and damaged from an accident) was filled to the brim with her worldly possessions. I almost felt bad because I didn't know if she even had room in there for a package of diapers. She must be living out of that van.

There is still a lot more ramblings going on in my head but I think I'll stop for now.

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