Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Kisses, Sprinklers, Macaroni, and Driving Permits

Oh, to be young again, when everything is made better by a kiss. Niko comes running in to the office so distraught because he hurt his elbow. One kiss on the spot and he smiles and runs away like nothing ever happened.

All of the sprinkler pipe is in and quite a few of the heads. We are getting 3 quotes for cement curbing around the flower beds on Thursday and Friday.

Niko was dipping his macaroni in his lemonade at dinner. It must have tasted good because he kept doing it over and over again.

This is such great news I should have mentioned it first . . . Kim got her driving permit yesterday. Yea!! And something funny . . . She had asked a friend if they would take her picture when she got her permit and he said no. Well, I must say that I am on his side because I have never heard of someone getting their picture taken for a permit before. I definitely didn't have to. You are probably getting the idea already. So she gets up yesterday, straight out of bed, puts her contacts in, and off we go. She was wearing the same shirt she wore to bed, her hair was in a ponytail, and she didn't even have lip gloss on. We filled out all of the paper work, she took the written test, we paid our fees, and then . . . the lady asked her to step over to the picture counter. You should have seen the look on her face as her eyes bulge out and her mouth drops open. "What?!" I just smiled and laughed as she frantically takes out her ponytail, runs her fingers through her hair, and digs for the lip gloss in her bag. Well . . . Kim is one of the most photogenic people I know. She rarely takes a bad picture. This is no exception. The picture turned out great! When you are over seventeen in Idaho and you get a none Driver's Ed permit, it looks almost like a driver's licence, picture and everything. Hee hee! I'm still laughing.

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