Monday, June 11, 2007

Not Afraid to Talk with Women

Okay, if you are a male person please be forewarned that below are a couple of female pregnancy comments. If you are not comfortable with that kind of thing, stop reading now.

So I hear my husband, Todd, was out in the hall at church talking with a bunch of women about pregnancy. They were all telling their experiences and he joined right in about mine. He told one of my greatest "war" stories.

On the morning Kim was born we were at Target buying film for our camera. The film was in the back of the store, of coarse. I sat down for a minute because I was having a contraction. As I stood up there was a gush of water. And yes, I was wearing white pants. We left the store as fast as possible (laughing) and Todd made me sit on a plastic bag in the car. I was told, "When your water breaks it is usually just a trickle, very rarely does it gush. It probably will not happen to you." I guess I was one of the lucky rare ones!?!

Todd says he likes to talk with women because they talk about more interesting things than men do. Todd . . . a man who would rather talk about pregnancy than sports.

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