Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Visibility and Other Issues

I have driven a mini van for just over 14 years now. The visibility is quite grand compared to other vehicles. I didn't know how grand until I sat in the driver's seat of a 2007 FORD MUSTANG. Yes, I did say Ford Mustang. I am still a little bit mesmerized. Todd, Kim, Tom, and I went over to the Ford dealership to take a look. We showed up after hours so we had to settle on sitting inside rather than going for a test drive. It felt very comfortable but . . . the windshield was only 2/3 the size of my big mini van. Is it something I could adjust to? Do I want to adjust to it? There also isn't very much leg room in the back seat. Would that be a problem?

Is there even a chance that I would ever own a Ford Mustang and have to deal with these issues? Hmmmm . . .

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