Friday, April 27, 2007

She Tells It Like It Is

Sweet Marie, she tells it like it is.

It takes some time for children to learn the skill of tact. Sometimes kids just say what is on their mind. Marie has always been the child to tell exactly what is on her mind.

Yesterday as we took Niko to visit his birth mother, Marie went right up to her and asked "Why do you and all of your things smell like smoke?"

Today one of Niko's service coordinators came to visit and check on Niko. Let me preface this with the fact that she is a very large women. As soon as the lady walked in the door Marie asked, "Why are you so big?" As the woman was leaving, Marie yells out the door, "How do you fit in a chair?"

I am so glad Marie is not my first child or I would probably be mortified. Today I tried to hold a straight face. As soon as Marie was not around, I laughed out load. I wouldn't change a thing about Marie's personality. She makes me smile and laugh.

I suppose I should go now and begin to teach Marie some lessons about tact.

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Larry said...

God bless that sweet Marie. Prayers continuing for little Niko, everything will work out.