Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Chilren, Part 2


The baby part was easier with Thomas because I was more experienced after Kim. The toddler stage was a different story. With Kim I could leave her sitting on a blanket playing with her toys. If I left the room for a few moments and returned she would be sitting and smiling right where I left her. With Thomas, if I turned around for a moment he would be standing on the table, pulling everything out of the kitchen cupboard, or unrolling a whole roll of toilet paper. I never sat through one whole Sacrament meeting without having to take him out.

It's kind of interesting to think back on this now. I had almost forgotten what a handful he was when he was little because he is such an easy kid now.

Extracurricular: He plays the trumpet in band. In the spring he plays baseball. He has played for 5 years now. With friends he likes to ride bikes, build forts, go to the movies, and hang out. He loves to play the computer and his Nintendo DS.

He's got some inventing blood in him. He is really good at building, creating, and inventing.

His newest talent seems to be magic. He has been practicing quite a few tricks and is always trying to learn new ones. He is getting really good. He does a lot of card tricks including making one disappear into thin air and then reappear again. Fun.

Thomas' room is always messy too. I'm almost afraid to go inside.

Because Thomas is such a good kid, we always have a hard time telling him no.

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