Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Children, Part 1


I thought all kids would be as easy as Kim, therefore she is the reason we had more children. That idea didn't hold up very long. Kim is turning out to be a wonderful person in spite of her parents.

Sweet 16 (almost 17) and never been kissed. Well . . . there was this one time a guy kissed her on the check in the lunch room as a dare from friends. She definitely counts that as her first kiss from a boy . . . but she still anxiously awaits that first kiss on the lips.

School: Smart! Wants to go to BYU-I and be a sign language interpreter.

Job: Lifeguard. She saved several people last summer. I would definitely trust my life in her hands. She loves the job and the people she works with.

Extracurricular: A Capella Choir, Jazz Fusion, Colorguard, Student Council, Young Republicans, National Honor Society, Starlight Mountain Theatre, and her favorite extracurricular thing to do . . . She has a great bunch of friends that she loves to hang out and do stuff with.

She is boy crazy. She loves to hang out, flirt, and date them. But no matter how many boys she flirts with or how many seem to chase her there is this one boy that is always at the top of her list. Whenever she talks to him or she sees him her whole face lights up. Hummm . . . that could be a whole different blog on that subject. Let's not go there right now.

Kim always goes the extra mile. If it's a school project she gets it done early and adds extra "frills" to it. If it's a note to a friend she might add cute paper. She rarely complains when I ask her for help. She smiles . . . a lot. If she is not smiling there must be something on her mind. I've even seen her be nice to people who weren't very nice to her because they were friends of her friends.

Kim is not afraid to dance in public. She doesn't worry about getting embarrassed. She will volunteer when no one else will.

Kim has over 25 pairs of shoes and a huge stack of Archie Comics.

Her room is almost always messy. This has always been a mystery to me because she is so organized with everything else in her life.

Kim is a real treasure in our family.

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