Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sweet Valley Cookie Co.

Tacos and cookies, my 2 favorites.  Hence, the next food stop was to Sweet Valley Cookie Company in Eagle, Idaho.

Erica was along with me for this adventure.  We walked in the door to the wonderful smell of baking cookies.  The cookies, I believe were just under $2 each or you could get a half dozen for $10.  The service was nice and each kind of cookie was tempting.

Erica picked a classic kids favorite, a frosted sugar cookie.  I picked one of their best sellers, the Brookie, a brownie on the bottom and a chocolate chip cookie on the top.  Um, yes.  It was delicious and big.

Would I go there again?  There is a lot of baking that already goes on at our house and it was a little bit of a drive out to Eagle.  But if I were in the neighborhood and had a sweet craving, I would definitely stop in and grab one . . . or two.

Sweet Valley Cookie Co.
360 E. State Road
Eagle, Idaho

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