Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lorena's Mexican Grill

My second food adventure proved much more satisfying.  I stopped with the girls at Lorena's Mexican Grill.  It's a little taco shack, literally attached to the side of Mister Car Wash near the NW corner of Fairview and Curtis in Boise.

Lorena, the owner, was so friendly.  By the time she had finished grilling our tacos, we were sharing stories about our grandkids.

The tacos were $1.50 each, a real bargain.  And delicious!  We ordered steak and pork tacos.  The meat was placed on a double layer of corn tortillas and then topped with onions and cilantro.  Although I love hot food, I topped my tacos with Lorena's medium sauce, instead of the hot, so I could really taste the tacos.  I squeezed the lime on top.
I could say I would definitely go back soon, but the truth is . . . I have already been back, twice.  And I am sure I will return many times.  I took Thomas there when he was home for the weekend.  He has always been my food buddy, willing to try anything with me.  After he had a couple of tacos, he tried a fish tostada, which he said was delicious.  We had a few of the younger kids with us too.  The next week I took Todd and his sister, Angela.  Every time I am out running errands with the kids, they ask if we can stop and get a taco.  I am tempted everytime, but I don't want Lorena to think we are stalking her.

Did I mention that my 2 favorite foods are cookies and tacos?  Yep.  True.  And as far as Tacos go, these at Lorena's Mexican Grill may just be the best I have ever had.  But I am willing to try a few more places out, just to be sure.

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