Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stan's Hot Dogs

My first stop at a local food joint was Stan's Hot Dogs.  It was not at the top of my list to try, but I was in the neighborhood and was intrigued by the story of Stan Linkowski and his bronco sauce of which he purchased the recipe for $50,000.  You can read about it here.

First I must say,  I hope to bring my camera along for future adventures.

How was the food?  I loved the hot dog with the bronco sauce, but I did not like the price.  If it was a $2 hot dog, I would stop in anytime I was in the neighborhood.  But the hot dog was $4.50.  I also had an order of onion rings.  They were delicious at just $3 an order.  They tasted like an awesome blossom that we get at the fair, but they were in onion slices, much easier to eat than the blossom.  Another kicker . . . I had to pay an extra  .50 for the fry sauce.  I'm not much of a soda drinker, so I just ordered water.  But if I had ordered a drink, the meal would have been over $10 for just me.  The meal was good, but raising a large family, it's hard to pay $10 for an order of a hot dog and onion rings.

Stan's Charbroiled Hot Dogs
818 South Vista Avenue
Boise, Idaho

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