Sunday, July 31, 2011

Joe Momma's Breakfast Eatery

Marie and Niko joined me for lunch at 
 The kids both picked a cheeseburger.  Marie had fries on the side and
 Niko had pasta salad on the side.  I was worried Niko, who loves pasta salad, would not like this pasta salad that was mixed with a few grown up flavors.  But he loved it.
 I had the Reuben with a side of fries. Delicious! 

Great food and great service.  I would write more, but this is the last in a series of many posts that I was behind on this summer as I finished my schoolwork.  And I am kind of brain dead right now.

Joe Momma's Breakfast Eatery
600 South Rivershore Lane #170
Eagle, Idaho


Laurence said...

I love rueban's too. Pineapple upside down cake, gosh, we must be related.

LDS Mom said...