Friday, May 30, 2008

The Part We Missed

Our day was very full today.

Jean'a graduation started at 4:00pm. At 3:45 I picked the younger kids up from school and then at 4:00 I picked Thomas up from piano lessons. We came home to wait for Todd who had taken Niko to the doctor. We were running very late but still wanted to get to Jeana's graduation. We had barely left the house when Tracey called to say it was almost over.

Here is a picture from Grandma and Grandpa's camera of what we missed . . .

Jeana singing the National Anthem!

They came over to our home after. Thank goodness for video recorders. We got to see Jeana sing! It was incredible. She hit this high note that I don't think I have ever heard anyone hit in my entire lifetime.

Here is Jeana with her mom and dad at our home. We made her put the cap and gown back on for pictures.

Then Grandma had to line the men up once again to see who was the tallest.

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