Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

Todd got up early to finish putting rock in the front flower beds.

Kim made a road trip with Amanda to Rexburg to see Travis.

Thomas went to a Bourne Movie Marathon with friends.

I spent most of the day vacuuming carpet edges, washing dirty hand prints off the walls, and other miscellaneous cleaning things that I don't get to in the normal daily routine.

In the evening we attempted the traditional Memorial Day Barbecue. Todd's grilling, was interrupted by the traditional Memorial Day weather. A huge storm rolled in . . . rain and hail and wind and lightening and thunder . . . so we enjoyed our hamburgers inside as the rain pelted the windows.

We also had tickets to the speedway in the evening, also cancelled because of the weather.

After everyone went to bed, I spent the next several hours cleaning up Jay's throw up, 3 times in 3 hours. I put everything in the laundry room sink and decided to wait until morning to wash in case he threw up one more time. After the third clean up session, the smell was so overwhelming that I started up the washer.

Jay is also our sleep walker and sleep talker which seem to increase when he is sick. Pair that up we the fact that he watched Men in Black just before bed. Each time he awoke incoherently to throw up he would be ranting about aliens and guns and then . . .

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