Thursday, May 15, 2008

Clean Clothes

Oh, the laundry tales . . .

For several weeks, our washing machine has been on the blink, literally. In the middle of the wash cycle everything would stop and most of the lights on the display would blink . . . and blink . . . and blink . . .

I should insert here the many tales of trying to get the machine to run its full cycle and get our clothes clean over the next several weeks . . . but I will skip to the good stuff.

Finally I consulted the trouble shooting section of the manual. Apparently you can diagnose the problem by checking which lights are blinking. Ours was a draining problem.

Let me just start by saying I am very grateful to have a husband who is handy and good at fixing most anything. Todd started with the basics, like checking for kinks in the hose and putting a snake through the wall.

Still the lights blink.

Todd pulled off the top and bottom front panel. There was a drain cap right in front. As he turned the plug, water started to poor out. Everyone started to grab dirty towels and pile them in front of the washer.

He pulled out the plug. No wonder it wasn't draining . . . lint, hair, rocks, plastic bag, Legos, coins, a broken pencils, bobby pins, a pony tail band. I guess I need to check pockets a little better.

And no more blinking lights!

I'm on my third load tonight. I don't think I have ever been this excited to do laundry. Clean underwear for everyone tomorrow!

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