Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Sister

Sorry this is bit more long winded than my usual blog posts, but read it.  It's worth it.

Erica has been struggling with this jump into high school.  Besides the fact that she’s in a new and very big school, she’s a little on the shy side.  We have been praying very earnestly for Erica to find some good friends she could connect with in high school.  As she started to make friends, a girl in her choir class seemed to be a favorite.  Luckily, they where given seats right next to each other in class.  Yesterday, the girl said, “You look a lot like me.  Were you adopted?”  Erica told her she was.  The girl was also adopted and she told Erica what her biological mother’s first name was.  She also knew the first letter of the mother's last name.

When Erica got home from school, she told me about the conversation.  She asked me if I would tell her the first name of her birth mother.  I did.  And it was the same.  She asked if the last name started with a certain letter.  And it did.  By now we are both getting a little freaked out. 

Erica had 2 older biological sisters that were adopted about the same time she was.  Our families had met, and us parents, knew each other’s names.  But that was over 13 years ago.  And neither of us lived anywhere near each other or anywhere near here.

The friend called Erica on the phone.  They only talked for a couple of minutes because her mom needed to use the phone.  But she said she would call back in a few minutes.  I looked at the caller ID and realized it had the last name of Erica’s adopted sisters.  After about a half an hour, I called the number back.  The friend answered and said, “Sorry Erica I didn’t call back yet.”  Then I said, “This is actually Erica’s mom.  Is your mom’s name  *****  and your dad’s name  ****.”  She said, “Yes.  I’m kind of freaking out right now.  You should probably talk to my mom.”  I said, “That a good idea.  Why don’t you let me talk to your mom.”  I told the mom who I was and asked her if she remembered me, of which she did.  I asked her if her daughter had been sharing the same information with her, of which she did.  And then I said, “I guess the girls have found each other.”  We talked for a while and decided to let this all sink in for a few days with our families and then decide what to do.  But the girls are already fast friends.

And there is another sister too.  So there you have it . . . three sisters, ages 14, 16, and 18, that have just found each other.  Amazing.  An answer to prayers.

Here’s a picture of the 2 of them.  Do you see the same similarities they saw in each other?
I see the same eyes, nose, lips, and hair.  Erica even has the same cheekbones when she smiles a little bigger.  Even the fingers look the same.


Jim said...

Oh Penny, this story made my day (and made me cry). How amazing! Truly a miraculous answer to an earnest prayer. I just cannot believe the odds. Sorry, but it reminds me of when Haley Mills meets her twin in the Parent Trap. Long winded? No- not at all. I wanted to keep reading and reading. Thanks for sharing!!!

Karin said...

PS. They TOTALLY look alike! Can't stop thinking about this wonderful story.

Ingrid said...

Oh, that is beautiful. What a Gift.

Anonymous said...

I can't stop reading this... also in your post about the Premier Jazz Roast one, that's my other favorite! I know the girl in the pink. She's the Vice Principal's daughter and she was teaching other choirs like mine, still in Contare'.

Hehe, it's Jaymee by the way.

Meighan said...

I saw Erica the other night at the stake activity and she was still so excited about it. How amazing that they are living so close and attending the same high school after all these years! Coincidence? I think not =)

Letia said...

What an amazing story. So happy for your family!

Celeste said...

What an amazing story Penny! It was so great to see you the other day.