Friday, September 2, 2011


I have started my 3rd round of HCG.  Todd has joined me this time.  It is so much easier having someone doing it right along with me.

I have been a little obsessed in the past with feeling deprived.  I haven't been hungry on the diet.  But when I see or smell something that I really want, I feel deprived.  I say obsessed because all I could concentrate on was that I was missing out on something I wanted and everybody could have it except for me.  Then I realized each time that I was obsessing, I was totally forgetting that I had a goal.  The reason I was going without the thing I wanted was to reach my goal.  Once I realized that, a whole new world opened up to me.  And the diet became easy.  Does that make sense? 

So I made this little reminder to wear on my wrist everyday . . . Do I want to be THIN or do I want to BINGE?  I know it is a little thing.  But it makes all the difference.
On a little side note . . . I know my bracelet is a little primitive.  If you like the idea of hand stamped and personal jewelry, this is the place to get it . . . 
Vintage Heart Designs by Barbara Wiser.  

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