Saturday, June 28, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Joys and Fears Meme


1. My hard working, charming husband and the crazy nine children who occupy our home and a place in my heart.

2. Having my bed made, the kitchen counters cleared off, and the laundry finished all in the same day.

3. Quiet moments to myself when all of the little kids are asleep.


1. Running out of beef jerky

2. Sleeping in. I almost always have to set a battery operated alarm (don't want to worry about the power going off and the alarm not going off at the right time). If I don't set the alarm, I can't fall asleep because I am too worried I will not wake up on time.

3. ?


1. Being a better wife and mother

2. More dejunking and organizing our home

3. Losing weight (I've lost 40 lbs since my birthday last year)


1. Blogging

2. Finding yummy, fast, cheap recipes

3. Checking out books from the library


1. I am a list person, to do lists, grocery lists, project lists, menu ideas . . .

2. I wish I didn't have to sleep and my body would always be rested and ready to go.

3. I organize my closet by color.

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