Saturday, June 14, 2008

Aspen Grove Family Camp

So many pictures . . . so little time!

We had a great time at Aspen Grove Family Camp. We had activities to do together as a family and twice a day the kids would meet with groups their own age while moms and dads went to their own activities, lectures, or nap taking.

Two cars to get us all there.

We are finally here!

Family Talent Night.
We sang "I'm a Little Teapot" to the beat "We Will Rock You" taught to us by Travis. The most incredible view!

The Walk
We had a long hike to our cabin several times a day.
Age Groups

Cowboy Village
Arts and Crafts

Aspen Follies . . . Family games. This picture was taken after we were timed to see how fast we could fill a trash can full of holes with water. The family all gathered around the trash can and stuck our fingers in the holes. Kim had the great idea of climbing in the can to displace the water and fill it up faster. She was volunteered for the job.
Peddle Carts


Air Riffle



Miniature Golf
Ropes Course

This was one of my favorite moments at camp. My petite Erica, who is afraid of loud sounds and elevators, climbed a vertical log and traversed a cable high in the trees.

Frontier Night
The Whip

Hatchet Throw


Train Ride

The Closing Show

All of the kids put on the closing show with their groups.

We can hardly wait to go back!

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