Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Split

It is our second week in the new ward. New ward . . . no, we didn't move. They finally split our huge ward. We were bursting at the seams. We figured the stake just couldn't do anything because there was not a building or time slot for another ward in our growing stake.

There was no warning. As we arrived at church a couple of weeks ago, Kim showed me the program. We were so excited because it showed our great Stake President speaking for the entire meeting. Only minutes into the meeting we knew what was coming.

Although we can see the church from the back windows of our house, we have to drive 15 minutes away to another building in another stake.

We have a great new Bishop. No callings yet . . . for anyone. We only have a Bishopric. Everyone is just pitching in and taking care of the area that they were working in before the split.

We still fill up the whole chapel and half of the cultural hall. At least there is a little breathing room now.

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